“And to top it off, Vanderbilt beat us in football, baseball and golf.”

I received several emails yesterday about Seth Emerson’s post of a letter from a former Georgia baseball player questioning Greg McGarity’s leadership.  All were along the lines of “have you read it?” and “are you going to post something about it?”.

My initial reaction was, “eh, why bother?”.  There’s nothing particularly new in there in terms of the complaints registered.  The only reason it’s even slightly newsworthy is that it comes from a source who’s a little more juiced than the average Georgia fan.

My involvement with UGA baseball goes back for the past 23 years. I lettered in the 1960s and have known every coach since. My duties have ranged from president of the lettermen’s club, to chairman of a large fundraiser at the governor’s mansion, and many other activities. In 2001 Athletic Director Vince Dooley asked me to be on the baseball selection committee, which I did when David Perno was selected as coach. Over many years, I’ve met and known numerous lettermen, both old and young from all sports and am in contact with many of them.

Even so, he doesn’t have any more insight into fixing the problem with Butts-Mehre than we unwashed do.  This is his action plan:

I blame all of us for accepting this mediocrity and just sitting there as things seem to get worse. What if football is 9-3, baseball finishes seventh, and basketball finally makes another top 64. What is accomplished? To me, average… because we need championships and our main rival, Florida, (5-21 in the last 26 games, in the “Gator Bowl”) is winning at the highest level in all sports, and in reality is our biggest rival.

UGASports.com has given Greg McGarity a 94 percent negative rating. This obviously is a very high negative percentage.

We must reach out to President Jere Morehead and let him know the high level of dissatisfaction. The issue is: Do we want to continue to be average or do we want to be at the top and be excellent?

Bless his heart.  At this point, if you think the problem is that Jere Morehead needs educating about the level of fan dissatisfaction with his athletic director, you are missing the point, and badly.  For Morehead to be unaware of this, he would have had to have been on a sabbatical in the Amazon rain forest for the past six months.  The last time I checked, Morehead’s been in town during that time.

Our problem, then, isn’t the result of a failure to reach out to the president.  Our problem is that Georgia’s chain of command defines fan dissatisfaction in a different way than we do.  Until we stop writing checks, they’re going to operate on the assumption that everything’s hunky dory.  And why not?  It’s worked so far.


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  1. Good letter- glad to see this kind of talk is getting some media attention.

    No checks coming from my household for years now so I am doing my part. It baffles me that number of people that still give to that athletic department.

    Hell, after I made the stupid mistake of going to the Tech game last year I’m not going back to any game until we have won me at least one of two “big games” and we are playing at a 2002-2005 level.

    I gave up on basketball 25 years ago and expect absolutely nothing out of that program in my lifetime.

    Baseball I am pissed about.

    Don’t really care about the other sports – hope they are successful as it’s my alma mater but don’t give any of them a second thought.


  2. The other Doug

    The next step in the plan to boot McGarrity is some well timed words from Fran Tarkenton.


  3. Skeptic Dawg

    So we are to just sit around in our hands as we watch the university that we love become mediocre in all sports? It has happened in basketball some time ago, baseball is there now, and we have witnessed the football program dance ever so close to this line since 2006. The state of the UGAAD is termindously fragile as of today, with little to no hope of improvement…Fox is back for yet another underwhelming hoops season, Sticklin will return for another 12th place finish and a sub .500 SEC record, and who knows what we will get from Kirby and Co. UGA athletics, apathy is thy new name.


    • Until a significant portion of the fan base expresses its dissatisfaction in the form of cutting off payment to the athletic department, what do you suggest?


      • Granthams replacement

        The fan base funding is becoming a smaller and smaller percentage of the athletic departments revenue. The .02% to fund west ends zones are the only relevant “fans” left with influence.


      • Skeptic Dawg

        I wish that I had an answer Senator, but sadly I continue to curse the darkness without providing a candle. The landscape of athletic department funding has drastically shifted away from alumni/fans. Lucrative TV deals now fund what we once shelled out for, rending our voice meaningless. So, other than denying ourselves the enjoyment of tradition, family, friends and good times that a Georgia football Saturday offers I am not sure how to overcome the current situation. Maybe we just accept the fact that our athletic department and teams are mediocre and enjoy the experience.


        • “Maybe we just accept the fact that our athletic department and teams are mediocre and enjoy the experience.”

          Skeptic, that’s sort of where I am at this time. I’m trying like crazy not to allow 85 18-23 year olds put a damper on my fall weekends in a situation that I have zero control over. Admittedly, I’ve had mixed results with that. I would rather enjoy a Saturday afternoon in Athens with my daughters having a calzone at DePalma’s, walking through the Arch (and looking forward to sharing that experience with my oldest very soon), going to the Dawg Walk, running into a couple of friends, and heading into Sanford than to be at home and watch a game on TV.


      • reality check here

        It wouldn’t matter to Morehead if a significant portion of the fan base did cut off payment to the athletic department. It didn’t matter to Adams either. UGA is not unique in that it raises most of its money from a relatively small number of wealthy people. When someone is very successful and ends up with a significant amount of valuable stock with a low basis the best thing they can do from an after tax cash flow standpoint is give it away and deduct the value. That deduction can be used to offset other gains. Believe me they come out better than they would if they sold it.

        Adams really understood that. UGA contributions went up significantly under his watch even though nobody liked him. He was really good though at finding people in the right situation and in that circumstance he was as charming and persuasive as they come.

        UGA pays lip service to valuing alums, but they really don’t unless they have made lots of money. That is a relatively small percentage of the alum base but in absolute numbers it is enough that they identify a good number to pursue. That is just the way it works.

        I think the letters like that can have more impact than fans and bloggers. They don’t give a shit what we think.


    • Absolutely! Did we just sit around on our hands after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? HELL NO! Did we just shrug our shoulders in apathy after the north Koreans sunk the Lusitania? NO sir.!!

      I’m beginning to wonder if the Athletic Department is like what Churchill said about the Americans–we will eventually get around to doing the right thing, after all the other options are exhausted…and by the ‘other options’ I mean the reserve fund.


    • The Georgia Way

      We defeated Vanderbilt in basketball last season and rest assured, we will be in the hunt again this season. And of course, this is yet another Bulldog Point of Pride!

      Remember, Coach Stricklin’s position is privately-funded and each season he has proven his services worthy of every penny the UGAAA is paying him. The helps to make the UGAAD as financially and morally durable as it has ever been.

      So do not sit on your hands. #COMMITTOTHEG.


  4. Athens Dog

    I’m part of the problem in that I continue to give money, have season tickets for football and basketball, attend many baseball, tennis, golf, etc. But i make sure each check includes an overview of the state of my donation and expectations. But until there are changes at the top (Moorehead) we are doomed to continue down the Adams path.


  5. This may be a silly question, but is the hierarchy of UGA’s leadership structured to where the Board is the end-all decider or the President of the university? I ask because I hear people say we need a change at the top and I guess I’m unsure what “the top” is. I remember people being thrilled that Adams was gone so I assume he was the top, which means Moorehead is now sitting on the throne, but he was viewed as an athletics-friendly guy if I remember correctly. Was that not the case, or are there Board influences that have pushed him into another position?


    • 79DawgatWork

      Given that the President essentially appoints all members of the Board, the Board is powerless, is completely subservient to the President and is simply a rubber stamp. That is why you never hear anything substantive out of the Board meetings or Board members, and why there is a 100% approval for all items presented to the Board.


  6. John Denver is full of shit...

    Please let this have legs.


    • Normaltown Mike

      sadly, they are Georgia baseball legs so they’ll get thrown out at 1st by the catcher after a weak swinging bunt.


  7. Bright Idea

    The big story here is that the AJC continues to bang this drum.


    • HVL Dawg

      I’m really surprised Seth printed it. It’s not newsworthy unless you are pimping.

      I guess Seth would say, “Pimpin ain’t easy but it’s very necessary.”


      • I would argue the source makes it somewhat newsworthy. But only somewhat.


      • Seth isn’t the editor of Dawgnation, so I suspect the case to print the letter wasn’t his to make. I suspect he was assigned to write about it while those in charge decided it was newsworthy. And while I can see the argument for not printing it, I think it’s clearly newsworthy due to who wrote it, and I think many people who comment on websites often forget we are the 5% of fans who pay deep attention to this stuff. The vast majority of fans probably don’t have much of an opinion on the AD situation at UGA and this type of a letter would be new to them.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Amazon sells rain forests? Kool, how do they ship them?


    • 81Dog

      you can get them delivered online once you log in.

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    • that’s a strange brain you got goin there Scorp….made me laugh though,
      How did two men of such ordinary abilities rise to the top of the flag ship university of a great State like Georgia. The State is financially stable,growing ,blessed with great talent and resources and we end up with two nebbishs like these guys running things ( did I use my Yiddish correctly Senator?) It appears that being Adam’s yes man was sufficient for Morehead and if McGarity ain’t the living breathing embodiment of the “Peter Principle” I don’t know who is . Competent as an assistant AD at UofF when they are doing well but the promotion to AD at his Alma mater was his promotion to his level of incompetence. Hire every ex-Georgia football coach that lives in the Athens area ,which is all of them but Richt( I hear he’s busy), appoint them to a committee to hire the next AD . It may not help but I guarantee it wouldn’t/couldn’t make things any worse.
      “UGASports.com has given Greg McGarity a 94 percent negative rating. This obviously is a very high negative percentage.” No shit Sherlock This figure is all the Athletic Board should need to know. 94%… hell you can’t even get 94% of doctors to agree that “blood-letting ” is contra-indicated. 94% of Americans can’t agree only anything but 94% of Georgia fans agree that McGarity is a negative and yet the dude abides…just damn.


  9. Jt (the other one)

    “Until we stop writing checks”

    This all day. Why bother having a championship AD when we can make money putting forth the bare minimal? The Georgia Way.


    • Mayor

      Actually make MORE money by putting forth the bare minimum–that’s the issue. They can put a pretty good team on the field by doing next to nothing and spending bare-bones Vanderbilt money and get a return bigger than what they would get if they spent a boatload.


  10. This quandary is the ultimate Catch 22. Do you withhold your contribution and let your ticket purchasing privileges go in the hope that things improve knowing that on a mass basis this would negatively affect performance? Do you continue to make your contribution to the athletic program knowing that the continued support of the program indirectly means you support the status quo? I struggled with that in February when I had to make the decision on the contribution. I decided to stay in because I felt like it was the right thing for me to do, and it gives me the right to complain (sort of like when you don’t vote, you really give up your right to complain about our elected “leaders”).


    • Otto

      How many people would give up tickets if not for the fact that if they give them up, they will spend the remainder of their life waiting to get seats as good?

      Further a vote is giving approval of giving a candidate the office to govern. Not voting can be a statement that there is a not a candidate worthy of governing.


      • Otto, on your first point, you are absolutely correct. People buy their tickets knowing that it would be difficult to get back to where they once were.

        On your second point, I understand that perspective. When I decide not to vote (this is for me personally), I don’t feel I can complain about what happens as a result. If I didn’t vote in an election for my county commission and then the commission increases property taxes, I don’t have a basis to complain because I didn’t make my voice heard.


  11. Aladawg

    I have written all those letters Carroll has requested. My letter to Morehead resulted in a call talking about the West end zone. My letter to all 15 Athletic board members resulted in 0 return responses. I am more convinced than ever that the problem is Morehead (how do we fire him?) and the 2 liquor distributors calling all the shots. Seths actions are the only way to apply real pressure. The revenue from TV has precluded the average fans wallet power. Thanks to Seth. Keep it stirring.

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  12. Captain Obvious

    It’s never about “just the money”. It’s always about the money.


  13. Athletic Board member

    Everything’s fine. I don’t see what the problem is.


  14. Jack Sh!t

    This guy is just a lousy whiner. Doesn’t get a meeting with the AD, so he is outraged and demands his job. Sounds like a millennial to me, not an esteemed uga alum.


  15. 69Dawg

    Guys it’s the old Golden Rule, “Those that have the gold make the rules.” If you don’t give your 300 plus the cost of tickets for each seat the AD does not feel it at all. If you don’t donate a million dollars to build some building or fund some asshole’s job then they feel it. When the big boys get tired of losing things will change not before.


  16. Cojones

    Senator, I thought that the suggestion to fire the AD was the suggestion to end the problem, but how do we fire the B-M looker-oners and the Bd of Regents who both flex their power as well?


  17. W Cobb Dawg

    In defense of Greg Mediocrity I would point out the guy has honed his ability to make a p.r. disaster out of any situation into a fine art. He didn’t accept a live meeting because it would mean turning in his bathrobe for a shirt & tie, and leaving the bowling alley. Not sure UGA alums appreciate the level of pure nirvana suckitude this man has achieved.