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What do you get when you cross Vince Dooley with a NCAA investigation?

A need to discuss the depth chart at long snappah.

Freeze read from a prepared statement at the start of his time in the big room and said he would not take questions about the investigation. His opening comments went more than 16 minutes and included a breakdown of his coaching staff and the depth chart down to the long snapper.

At great length.


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Building a better quarterback

I really like this quote from Smart about Eason’s second-year development:

“I’m a big believer in completion percentage,” Smart said. “I think Jacob understands, and we’ve communicated throughout the spring, if he wants to change the win-loss record, we have to change the completion percentage and we have to allow him to make some easier throws, and he’s got to be more accurate doing so.”  [Emphasis added.]

That’s not making excuses by pointing fingers at flawed player execution.  That’s acknowledging that it’s the responsibility of two sides to make a player better.

Now, let’s see if both can contribute to that.


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Nick Saban isn’t man enough.

According to this Al.com writer, the reason Nick Saban didn’t mention Auburn in his list of conference schools gaining on Alabama is because he’s scared Auburn is already the best team in the SEC.

SEC Media Days sure bring out the media smarts, don’t they?


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The hottest take on Jacob Eason you’ll read today

Shorter Greg McElroy:  Jacob Eason sucks because his freshman season pales in comparison to Matt Stafford’s NFL body of work.


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What we have here is “a little contradiction with philosophies.”

What’s Georgia’s running game gonna look like this season?  Your guess is as good as Seth Emerson’s.


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Today, in duh

No shit, Sherlock.  Including that stupid tweet of yours inviting the world to contact Ole Miss’ compliance department.


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“It’s animal-friendly hair dye.”

Dude, I do not think “animal-friendly” means what you think it means.


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