“The coaches let me know that I’m not a powerlifter…”

Is there a player on Georgia’s roster who was told by the S&C coaches to dial back his strength training and could it be anyone other than Branson Robinson?

With the ability to squat well over 600 pounds, bench press 427, and sumo deadlift “somewhere” around 700, his feats of strength have earned him notable acclaim. So, when Georgia strength coach Scott Sinclair said he might want to back off some of those numbers, the competitor in Robinson initially did not know if that was necessarily a good idea until common sense set in.



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22 responses to ““The coaches let me know that I’m not a powerlifter…”

  1. Bulldawg Bill

    Whewww!!!! I’d be looking for a smoke if not for this raging case of lover’s nuts!!!!!!

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  2. Terry McCullers

    If muscles and lifting weights mean anything this guy will be unstoppable!


  3. realitycheckhere

    To me the biggest news in the link is that Andrew Paul’s rehab is going well and he will be ready for next season.

    The word out of Athens before he injured his knee was that both he and Robinson were doing well and Paul was ahead.

    He has the look of another player that was not as highly ranked turning out to be a star for the dawgs

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  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Good, imo. I have no expertise in physiology but I have sometimes wondered if some of our injuries – especially any ligament injuries – are a result of over training. HW said it best – ‘the ball ain’t heavy’. Being able to dead lift 700 pounds is a bit of overkill.


  5. Bobo would call a toss sweep back in the day. Could we see it again?


  6. practicaldawg

    We saw him drag the entire TCU defense 10 yards on those legs. It’s scary to know he could get stronger.

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  7. gurkhadawg

    If size and strength were the most important things, dinosaurs would still rule the earth.

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  8. David D

    I genuinely almost felt sorry for TCU when Robinson entered the game.


  9. Texas Dawg

    With Deuce Robinson coming in, it could get really confusing when they are both in the backfield.


  10. Dean Patterson

    As someone who’s dabbled in the powerlifting arena, when you’re moving that amount of weight (I never was) your form on those lifts has to be perfect or you’re asking for injuries. Even if your form is good you’re still beating up your body and accumulating a lot of fatigue. When you factor in football practice on top of this, yeah I’d recommend the young man back off a little as well. Recovery is as, if not more, important than the training.