Tales from the combine

As far as I’m concerned, this will never not be funny.


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  1. Ran A

    Sarcasm? LOL! Here’s my favorite tweet of the day.

    People are going to look back and wonder why the ‘F’ their team didn’t take Washington before the Ravens did with the 17th pick.

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  2. siskey

    Bennett confirmed yesterday that he doesn’t just play well, he also practices well, is fast and was actually the best QB we’ve had the last 30 years. I can’t wait for him to steal Kirk Cousins or Dak Prescott’s job in the NFL.

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    • I’m not convinced he was better than Stafford, Shock and Murray. Did he get better results? Sure.

      SBIV is a DGD.

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      • siskey

        Shock got hurt his senior year so we’ll never know what he could have done but for that. Murray and Stafford were / are DGDs but man did they have some games that were really terrible. None of the above had the talent that Bennett had but Bennett would have been jerked and sitting on the sidelines had he played like either Murray or Stafford did at time while they were at Georgia. I’m gonna stick with Bennett until we have one that does as well especially in the Big games.

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    • Russ

      I just liked seeing confirmation that Stet is taller than Bryce Young and has larger hands, and throws just as hard as Will Levis, two other QBs slated for 1st round glory. And yet people don’t think Stet will be drafted.

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      • leslie22h

        The other day I commented to a Reddit post on Bryce Young’s true height – it was basically “Not trying to say Stetson is better than Bryce, I’m saying that Bryce isn’t better than Stetson.” And man, did I get all sorts of pushback, mostly of the “too old” variety, but also that Bennett was only good because of the team around him, while ignoring that Young had the same.


  3. The Big 0 Granddaddy had himself a day. While you don’t pick a TE typically in the top 5, if he’s still there at 20, you have a bunch of GMs who are total idiots.

    I imagine Godd Monken hopes he’s sitting there at 17. He knows what Darnell is. Unless they have some pressing need at another position, I would think he goes to the Ravens.

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  4. whackamutt

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  5. Hungarian Moonshine

    Did Cox point at Stetson and motion for someone else to chase him like he did in the game?

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Fortunately for Cox they don’t make kickers run the 40 at the combine. Podlesny would be passing him too.

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  7. Dawgfan1995

    I love how Will Levis thinks he has such a huge arm — he was quoted on NFL.com as saying that he was definitely going to throw because, in his words, “I have a cannon.”

    Levis top MPH: 59
    Bennett top MPH: 59

    Cannon shot fired?

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  8. timphd

    And Stetson clearly let up so I bet he could have run much faster. He had himself quite a day.


  9. Granthams Replacement

    Monken’s decision might have been influenced by Washington’s decision. It was not fair to have him and 19 on the field at the same time.


  10. Russ

    The Falcons are going to pass on Nolan Smith and draft Brenton Cox, aren’t they?

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  11. spur21

    Wonder how many UGA guys Monken has on his list. Will he lobby for Stetson if Stetson is still on the board late 3rd early 4th round?

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  12. We didn’t use granddaddy enough because of Bowers. Think about that.

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    • The Truth

      Said it before and I’ll say it again: in today’s portal environment, you win Natties when you’ve got players as good as Darnell who will stick around and not go somewhere else if they’re not “the man.” Big 0 is poster boy for TEAM me.

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      • 904Dawg

        Darnell is also the poster boy for the NFL not caring if you don’t have gaudy stats. Sure, it can’t hurt but you definitely don’t need them if you have actual NFL level talent and have been in a program that develops its players like UGA does. Hell, Charlie Woerner was a 2nd/3rd string TE for the Dawgs and never saw much extended action on Saturdays in college but ended up being drafted in 2020 and is still in the league with the 49ers (who drafted him).


  13. akascuba

    Watching Stetson run away from that slacker Cox will never get old.

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