Repent, Georgia: the end is near.

Woe is us, Dawg fans.

Like some Biblical prophet, Tom Lemming has appeared to warn us of dark days coming at the hands of Satan… oops, Saban.

Mark Richt now has got to be very careful and very wary of what Nick Saban is doing,” said Tom Lemming, a recruiting analyst. “I think it is not a matter of if but when he will win a national title at Alabama, and with that he will attract the majority of the major talent in the Southeast.”

And when that happens, all hell will break loose.

“He is relentless in his style, which really works well in recruiting,” Lemming said. “And he throws some pretty good personality in it too, which might surprise some people.

“The perception will be through the roof,” Lemming said. “If he is winning, Auburn could be in trouble.”

The AJ-C, in full pot-stirring mode, notes that

It’s not just Auburn. Saban has already started to reach into Georgia and established Alabama as a player again on the recruiting scene in this state. He’s hired two coaches with Georgia backgrounds, Kirby Smart and Lance Thompson.

We’re doomed, I tell you.

Lemming then proceeds to insult the current roster of ‘Bama players with this comment:

“[In recent years Alabama] hasn’t been out there and hasn’t gone out and aggressively recruited the great player,” Lemming said. “Now, he is doing it with a purpose.”

Asked to respond, Mark Richt showed remarkable restraint.

As for whether Saban’s presence is being felt yet, Richt was noncommittal.

“I don’t know yet,” Richt said. “It is hard to say. Shoot, there is just X amount of kids out there and we’re all going after them. Not everybody can get them all.

“I really think everybody is going to get their fair share of players and have enough good players to win, and it is a matter of how you coach them and how fortunate you are with injuries or what guy decides to stay and not go pro.”

A quick look at’s recruiting board shows that Georgia has 18 verbals for the class of ’08.  Two are from the state of Alabama (both were offered by ‘Bama).  Saban has collected 19 verbals. One of those is a Georgia product, and he was offered by the Dawgs.   Interestingly enough, four of Georgia’s commits were also offered by Saban, but evidently weren’t as impressed as Lemming.

My favorite part of the article is what Lemming doesn’t say.   He sees dark days ahead for both Auburn and Georgia, and yet is strangely silent about the effect Saban will have on Tennessee’s recruiting.  UT has been successful over the years in getting quality kids out of the state of Alabama.  This year, Scout shows Tennessee with one commit out of Alabama, a two star recruit that Saban evidently didn’t offer.

Then again, Fulmer has always been a favorite of Lemming.  And one thing Lemming won’t do is bite the hand that feeds him.  But he bites with everybody else.

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  1. peacedog

    Also, if Saban is going to attract all the top talent, shouldn’t the Gators be worried too? Not that I want to enter logic into the Lemming Equation.