Maybe he just slipped.

This is pretty much the cheap shot of the year, at least in the SEC:

Looks premeditated, doesn’t it? If that’s the case, somebody should be suspended.


UPDATE: Tuberville says there was no malice aforethought in the block.


UPDATE #2: Evidently, “we don’t coach dirty play” is the defense du jour.


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5 responses to “Maybe he just slipped.

  1. That’s pretty damn dirty.


  2. Right in the umpire’s view, too…


  3. Egregious. There may be some payback forthcoming.


  4. Ally

    This is TT were talking about – is anybody really surprised???
    That kind of crap is exactly why I was pulling for LSU to win.
    Say what you will about Les Miles, but that game ending call took some cojones and served a fantastic purpose – embarrassing the shit out of Tuberville.


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