More BCS/playoff logic

Shorter Jon Saraceno: the fans’ greater interest in college football will be the death of the sport.


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  1. Penguin

    People want what they want, I suppose. And they will justify it however they can. Some of the arguments are really off the wall though.

    Personally I consider a conference title and a bowl win to be huge. I really don’t think a whole lot about rankings and national titles.

    I am coming to believe that I am the exception.



  2. Senator,

    First of all I posted a ridiculously unrealistic common sense proposal for a national championship at Saurian Sagacity.

    Secondly, it’s time for our blog swap. We will submit a post to you by EOD Wednesday and will post your submission on Thursday morning where it will remain at the top of the blog throughout the day. We will link to your blog and to our post on your blog.

    Hope you are still up for it.




  3. Henry: A couple of things.

    First, I read your playoff proposal. For some strange reason, I don’t find it farfetched at all.

    As for the Blog Swap, my missive is ready. Just let me know where and when you want it sent. I’m looking forward to the exchange.


  4. my email address is

    Send it to me whenever you like.


  5. Nice proposal. Someday. Someday.