Playoff factoids

Two modest points about that pesky Rose Bowl which Michael Adams may need to factor into his playoff equation:

  • The Rose Bowl played its first game four years before the NCAA was formed.
  • It is stipulated by contract that the Rose Bowl will host the 2013 championship game.

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One response to “Playoff factoids

  1. baltimore dawg

    I’m coming to this conversation a bit late, so maybe this point has already been made. But I feel fairly certain that Adams doesn’t care if his proposal gets any traction at all. He’s a calculating SOB, and I’d surmise that he has calculated that, if by some series of terrible judgments his plan is actually adopted, he’ll be lauded for being the visionary university president who brought a real post-season to college football.

    On the other hand, if, as is most likely, his plan is discussed and then shelved, he’ll play the lone-voice-in-the-wilderness visionary figure to all those who want a D-IAA style playoff. And the NCAA will love him.

    I heard it suggested that Adams was playing to his UGA base by making his proposal. I don’t think that’s it at all.