Tim Tebow, mohel.

The legend grows.  A Philippino bris?

… Tebow started as a helper and gofer, holding tools and running errands for the medics. By afternoon, he was asking questions and looking for more active ways to help. And by the end of an exhausting day, he was wearing gloves and a mask, wielding surgical scissors, finishing off stitches with a snip.

“You could see he was really into it,” Moleno said. “He thought it was cool. I’d make a stitch, he’d cut a stitch. He got his hands a little wet in surgery.”

Oy vey.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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3 responses to “Tim Tebow, mohel.

  1. Richt-Flair

    I wonder if the copy editors realize that the photo cutline does not match the picture (circumsize, really?). If so, that’d be gruesome.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    If we had a Meyer / Tebow presidential ticket we could solve all the problems in the world!


  3. dean

    Wait. I thought he could heal the sick just by touching them. Oh well I guess he’s not the second coming of you-know-who.