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BREAKING: the GPOOE™ is a homer.

You heard it here first, folks.


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The GPOOE™ tries again.

Hey, I gave Tebow grief over the last Georgia analysis he spouted, so it’s only fair to give him credit for a more astute observation.

“It’s that balance offensively,” Tebow said on the SEC Nation set on Georgia’s Myers Quad on Friday. “I think it’s being able to, when you have to throw it, being able to throw it and being able to have that balance. When you look at a lot of the top teams right now, they have very explosive offenses. I think where Georgia is a little bit different is they’re balanced offense, defense, special teams. I think they’ve been more consistent in all three of those, but I still think there’s going to be a time, and there is for every team that wins a championship, when it’s just not going your way and you have to say, ‘okay, we’re going to have to put it on this dude to win it.’ I think that has to be Jake. I think he can do it. I just want them to give him the chance to be able to do that more.”  [Emphasis added.]

I’m not saying that’s a deep dive, but it’s accurate.



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You will be crushed to learn…

… that Tim Tebow was “very unimpressed” with Georgia’s win over Notre Dame.


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The passion of the GPOOE™

Judging from the emails I received, a number of you have seen this clip of Tebow going off on the state of California for trying to ruin college football.

“I know we live in a selfish culture where it’s all about us, but we’re just adding and piling it on to that where it changes what’s special about college football and we turn it into the NFL where who has the most money that’s where you go,” said Tebow. “That’s why people are more passionate about college sports than they are about the NFL. That’s why the stadiums are bigger in college than the NFL because it’s about your team, about your university, about where my family wanted to go, about where my grandfather had a dream of seeing Florida win an SEC championship and you’re taking that away so young kids can earn a dollar. And that’s not where I feel like college football needs to go.”

First off, I don’t question Tebow’s sincerity on the matter.  I don’t even doubt that, had been given the choice at the time, he would have turned down the opportunity to take money.

But that’s just it.  No college athlete is given that choice, by NCAA diktat.

Beyond that, I also doubt Tebow realizes how incredibly tone deaf his comments are.  His grandfather had a dream about Florida; most of Tebow’s teammates’ grandfathers wouldn’t have been allowed to attend Florida.  As he talks about young kids earning a dollar, all I can consider it where that got Green and Gurley, both of whom grew up in considerably less comfortable circumstances than did Tebow, and wound up on the wrong side of the NCAA for relative pennies.

Had the COA stipend come a few years earlier, I wonder if Tebow would have had the willingness to stand up in a team meeting and fervently urge his teammates to reject it.  What I don’t wonder is whether his teammates would have gone along with it.  My bet is that most of them would have found this thinking more compelling.


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Heaven sent

Between that and Gus’ lucky rabbit’s foot, Auburn is truly blessed.


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The end of an era

It’s sad when an acronym dies.

Meyer, who has coached many fine quarterbacks through the years, believes Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence is the best college signal-caller to date.

I wonder if Tebow will send Corch a Christmas card this year.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Plenty of fodder from yesterday’s edition of SEC Media Days…


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“I would rather be respected than liked.”

Tim Tebow on the Maryland fiasco is… oh, boy.

First off, what’s with all the emotion?  Second, does he really believe that the regents’ decision was respected by anyone outside of Durkin and Evans?

I wonder if this has anything to do with Durkin being one of the GPOOE™’s coaches at Florida.  Weird, anyway.


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The GPOOE™ shows his ass.

So much for Tim Tebow, class act.

It’s not that they aren’t showing up, genius.  It’s that they’ve got better things to do on a hot day than stay to watch the entirety of a second half of a game when the cupcake has already been seal-clubbed to death.

If we’re talking need here, maybe ‘Bama needs to schedule a better opponent.


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Oh, what might have been.

This would have made for some must-see football.

When Orlando’s team begins in the inaugural season of the Alliance of American Football next February, we know Steve Spurrier will be on the sideline.

We now know Tim Tebow won’t be on the field.

In an appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show on Friday, Spurrier said he texted Tebow to gauge his interest about a return to football, according to Sports Illustrated. Tebow, an outfielder-designated hitter with the New York Mets’ Class AA affiliate in the Eastern League, declined.

“He said, ‘Coach, I’m gonna keep swinging the bat and see what happens,’” Spurrier said. “I told him we’d have a No. 15 down in Orlando waiting for him.”

That’s a shame.  I would love to watch a montage of Spurrier throwing a visor and then yanking the GPOOE™ from a game moments afterwards.  Ah, well.


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