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The greatest convention speaker of our era

It would really be entertaining for the GPOOE™ to perform a public circumcision on Trump.  Think of the ratings!


UPDATE:  Chuckle.


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Corch, I find your faith disturbing.

Tim Tebow, a GPOOE™ for the rest of civilization.

The next thing you know, Meyer’s going to have a copy of the promise plaque installed on a wall at The Shoe.

You’d think the Buckeyes could find somebody of their own worthy of inspiration.  Besides, didn’t Tebow beat Ohio State to win a national title?


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“He just didn’t look good in practice.”

Given the discussion we had yesterday about Isaiah McKenzie’s practice habits as a reason to keep him off the field and the names involved, this may be the most perfectly timed NFL story, something I normally couldn’t care less about, I may ever present to you.  Enjoy.


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We haven’t lost a quarterback. We’ve gained a talking head.

It’s like he never left.

It was announced Wednesday that Tim Tebow would be returning to his analyst role with the network this weekend. Tebow rejoin SEC Network’s SEC Nation, its two-hour College GameDay-esque pregame show, which will be shot on location in Nashville before Georgia and Vanderbilt play (on CBS!).

Just in time for Nashville!  Are we lucky ducks or what?


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Corch points the finger at the GPOOE’s detractors.

Seriously, you cannot make this shit up:

The problem with Tim, and this is the only problem, he creates so much conversation and distraction that I think that spooks some teams….

“He creates so much conversation”.  What were you, an innocent bystander?

I don’t think so.


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Corch and the GPOOE, together again

Tebow is merely one of the greatest competitors”?  How the mighty have fallen.

Maybe one day Corch will rank his SEC Network skills.


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“If you are fortunate enough to spend five minutes around Tim Tebow, your life is better for it.”

The GPOOE™ is preparing to channel his inner Thom Brennaman, as he makes his broadcasting début at the Peach Bowl.

And I was really looking forward to watching that game.


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