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“I would rather be respected than liked.”

Tim Tebow on the Maryland fiasco is… oh, boy.

First off, what’s with all the emotion?  Second, does he really believe that the regents’ decision was respected by anyone outside of Durkin and Evans?

I wonder if this has anything to do with Durkin being one of the GPOOE™’s coaches at Florida.  Weird, anyway.



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The GPOOE™ shows his ass.

So much for Tim Tebow, class act.

It’s not that they aren’t showing up, genius.  It’s that they’ve got better things to do on a hot day than stay to watch the entirety of a second half of a game when the cupcake has already been seal-clubbed to death.

If we’re talking need here, maybe ‘Bama needs to schedule a better opponent.


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Oh, what might have been.

This would have made for some must-see football.

When Orlando’s team begins in the inaugural season of the Alliance of American Football next February, we know Steve Spurrier will be on the sideline.

We now know Tim Tebow won’t be on the field.

In an appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show on Friday, Spurrier said he texted Tebow to gauge his interest about a return to football, according to Sports Illustrated. Tebow, an outfielder-designated hitter with the New York Mets’ Class AA affiliate in the Eastern League, declined.

“He said, ‘Coach, I’m gonna keep swinging the bat and see what happens,’” Spurrier said. “I told him we’d have a No. 15 down in Orlando waiting for him.”

That’s a shame.  I would love to watch a montage of Spurrier throwing a visor and then yanking the GPOOE™ from a game moments afterwards.  Ah, well.


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The greatest Dawg fan of our era

You may have heard the story about Tim Tebow comforting a fan yesterday watching his Arizona Fall League game after the fan collapsed from an apparent seizure, but maybe not the best part of it.

He sat talking with the man for roughly 15 minutes. “Sorry this happened,” the man said. “Glad I got the chance to meet you,” Tebow replied.

The man, aware that Tebow works as a college football analyst, shifted the conversation to that topic. Tebow asked for his favorite college team and he replied, “Bulldogs.” Raising his voice in mock anger, Tebow said: “Are you kidding me? I don’t know how to respond to that.” He listened intently as the man told him about a major recruit on Georgia’s radar.

There is so much to love here — the guy having the presence of mind to talk Georgia football while waiting for the paramedics, Tebow being a good enough sport to play along, and just a dash of recruiting obsession — for me to pick out my favorite part, but I do love it all.  Go Dawgs, indeed.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Eh, there are always a few tasty morsels ready to fill the chafing dishes.

  • Here’s a handy guide to the new rule changes.  (h/t)
  • If you’re interested, here’s a little more detail on the low blocking zone rule change.  After hearing the talk there about tight ends, I wonder how much Georgia will be affected by this.
  • This probably won’t help BYU’s chances of joining the Big 12.
  • Admittedly, this has nothing to do with college football, but I simply couldn’t help myself by linking to it.
  • Big talk from Hugh Freeze“It hasn’t stolen our joy at all.”
  • Wonder who the best and worst coaches are in close games?  Here you go.
  • Pro Football Focus gives a preseason look at North Carolina.  They’re fairly impressed, although at least Kirby won’t have to worry about defending an athletic quarterback in the opener.
  • Thomas Brown on Mark Richt“When he released the opportunity to be the OC and call the plays and take over the head coaching role only (at Georgia), it took some of the competition out of him.”


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The greatest convention speaker of our era

It would really be entertaining for the GPOOE™ to perform a public circumcision on Trump.  Think of the ratings!


UPDATE:  Chuckle.


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Corch, I find your faith disturbing.

Tim Tebow, a GPOOE™ for the rest of civilization.

The next thing you know, Meyer’s going to have a copy of the promise plaque installed on a wall at The Shoe.

You’d think the Buckeyes could find somebody of their own worthy of inspiration.  Besides, didn’t Tebow beat Ohio State to win a national title?


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