The end of an era

It’s sad when an acronym dies.

Meyer, who has coached many fine quarterbacks through the years, believes Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence is the best college signal-caller to date.

I wonder if Tebow will send Corch a Christmas card this year.


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7 responses to “The end of an era

  1. TXBaller

    But Pawwwllllll says Tua is generational yall……


  2. Biggus Rickus

    I hate the non-stop “greatest ever” conversations about sports. Lawrence is really good, but how do you even compare him to someone like Roger Staubach in his antiquated ’60s offense?


  3. I suppose if someone wanted to date a qb, that guy would be ok…but since corch spewed that line of crap…maybe not so much


  4. Raleighwood Dawg



  5. Whiskeydawg

    Tebow, draw Corch a Christmas card. Use your favorite crayons. Mommy has more butcher paper on the garage.