You’ll never guess who came to our Pee Wee game today.

If you’ve got the impression that college recruiting gets a little more out of control each year, that’s only because you’re right.

This is flat out insane.

… Michael Avery, an eighth-grade guard from Lake Sherwood, Calif., last week made a verbal commitment to attend Kentucky. Wildcats coach Billy Gillispie then got a commitment Monday from Vincent Zollo, a ninth-grade forward from Greenfield, Ohio.

Yet, as nuts as that looks, the response it’s drawn is pretty crazy, too.

“It greatly concerns me,” said NABC executive director Jim Haney. “To me, it sends the wrong message. … I don’t think it completely aligns with the perception that college athletics reflect in a time of increased academic standards.

“Maybe it’s something we, as an association, need to take up and say something like, ‘Our association has agreed that we’re not going to accept (commitments) prior to the summer between a player’s sophomore and junior year.’ “

Perhaps we should draw the line at making offers to 10th graders? Jeezus.

Yeah, I know this is a basketball story, but would you be surprised in the least to hear one day that certain, um, shall we say, aggressive football head coaches might not consider pushing the envelope in a similar fashion?


UPDATE: Here’s a little taste of that slippery slope.

College football coaches have already begun evaluating the Class of 2010, next fall’s juniors, and most have come to the conclusion that the top three prospects in Illinois are Fremd offensive lineman Christian Lombard, Loyola defensive end Chance Carter and Johnsburg receiver C.J. Fiedorowicz.

Another sophomore to note is defensive back Corey Cooper of Proviso East, who recently committed to Illinois.  [Ed. – Hellooo, Zooker.]

Lombard, a 6-6, 285-pounder, is only 15 years old and hasn’t begun to shave…

Hey, Lemming’s already been to see Lombard play three times…


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4 responses to “You’ll never guess who came to our Pee Wee game today.

  1. Kit

    I know I wouldn’t be surprised. There was a picture of a 10th grader posted by the recruiting guy from and that kid looked like an absolute beast. I know I was thinking that if his skill matched his frame, I’d take a verbal right then and there.

    It’s a bad road to go down, though. Not in any sport. One would expect a kid to possibly change his mind in the next, oh I don’t know, 5 friggin years, but what happens if the coach does and the kid doesn’t live up to his potential?

    I know myself, for one, stopped practicing as much and really enjoyed the last half of my senior year of high school when I was admitted to UGA and made Redcoats…and that’s just school and band.


  2. dean

    I heard tales of Chris Leak being offered scholarships when he was in the 9th grade. I don’t know how true they are because I thought there were NCAA rules against recruiting kids that early for football. However I’m not sure of that rule either. I’m really not sure of anything anymore.


  3. Malcolm Newton

    I wanted to make everyone aware of a great Uga documentary airing on CSS this Sunday at 5:00. It actually aired last night as well after the UGA/Tech baseball game. Pretty good stuff about Uga and the Seillers!


  4. CLTDawg

    Actually Dean, the Wake Forest coach (Caldwell) offered him after his 8th grade JV season. The thought was that his brother CJ (top 3 recruit) would be QB at Wake for 4 years, and then Chris would take over for the next 4. The paper up here in Charlotte went nuts over this.

    Funny thing is, as we saw & to prove Kit’s point, it didn’t really work out for any of them.