Is ‘skyrocketed’ an adjective?

Lots of coachspeak in this article about Big 12 football strategery, but one thing can’t be denied – offenses in that conference are ripping it up right now.

… The proliferation of high-powered attacks within the Big 12 — the league’s top seven offenses last season, as measured by total yardage, ranked among the top 18 nationally — perhaps contributed to Nebraska’s decision to hire a bright defensive mind as its new coach.

It’s actually seven of the top 19, but that’s still damned impressive. Pellini’s old conference only had two in that same bunch.

Of course, the flip side of that coin is that the Big 12 had only one team in the top 19 in total defense last season. The SEC had four.


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2 responses to “Is ‘skyrocketed’ an adjective?

  1. TripleR

    Georgia sure shut down a OSU’s “high-powered offense” in a hurry. Building upon the number of sacks we had at the Sugar Bowl and at GDay, Arizona State’s propensity to allow sacks looks good for us.

    Please consider going easy on the BCS posts. I think a lot of readers have had their fill of BCS debate.


  2. Georgia did a fine job controlling the Cowboy offense.

    But I’d also note that OSU took off on that side of the ball when Reid was benched in favor of Robinson, who was much better suited to run that type of attack.

    Thanks for the BCS advice – no doubt the posts will diminish as others have less to say about it for a while. Most of what I write is in response to how others try to frame the debate.