They call him the joker.

If Tommy Tuberville ever gets tired of coaching, he might have a future in standup comedy.

… In a brief meeting in the Oval Office, Bush presented each of the coaches with a tie clip and a golf ball, each with the Presidential seal.

“You need to get rid of all this stuff,” Tuberville said, referring to the fewer than eight months remaining in Bush’s term. “Your wife’s not going to let you bring it home.”

… A few hours later, as the same bus brought the coaches to the field, someone announced that a coach needed to volunteer to serve as referee. Weis snapped it up.

“I’m going to screw the SEC,” Weis said, looking for a reaction.

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Tuberville shot back.


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  1. Thomas Brown

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  2. Ally

    Thanks for posting that story Senator. I loved it! I read where ESPN will be airing footage of this trip, including the flag football game, on Christmas Day. Can’t wait to see it.


  3. dean

    Hey TB,
    If you don’t like this blog then start your own. The Senator has posted plenty on the strength of this years schedule. Why continue to beat a dead horse?


  4. Andrew

    Some of us enjoy reading everything that has to do with the football team. Nobody’s making you read it TB. Thanks for the post Senator


  5. I totally want My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy or some other emo crew to come through for us and release a song called “A Far Better Topic Than All of Your Blogs.”


  6. Sounds catchy. Maybe they could get Buzz Bissinger to pen the lyrics. 😉