I know gas is over $4 a gallon, but still…

What’s up with this?

Individual tickets for four Tennessee home football games – UAB (Sept. 13), Northern Illinois (Oct. 4), Wyoming (Nov. 8 ) and Kentucky (Nov. 29) – will be available for purchase online at UTSports.com beginning Monday.

Kentucky fans didn’t buy out their visitor allotment? UT-UK was one of the best games in the SEC last year, the team has been to two straight bowl games and they’re programs in neighboring states. Yeah, I know the losing streak is of a ridiculous length, but, hell, it’s SEC football.

Maybe it’s the beginning of the fabled BCS boycott (that’s a joke, son).



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2 responses to “I know gas is over $4 a gallon, but still…

  1. I’m guessing Wildcat partisans see the writing on the wall w/r/t their team’s future. Was a nice little renaissance there- ooh, two Music City Bowls!- but now it’s gone.


  2. Sam

    I agree Senator, there is no excuse for UK’s fans to not make a commitment to support their team in a nearby location for an SEC game. I have several friends who are UK backers and have not heard of any discontent recently. Prior to the UK win against UGA in Lexington in 2006, there was a group who wanted to fire Brooks. Their win over us quieted all that down, and the competitiveness against LSU and UT seemed to restore confidence in the program. I know they expect a downturn this year with the loss of several key players, but I didn’t expect this. Knoxville is only about 3 hours away.

    I can somewhat understand them not wanting to go to Neyland (one of the three worst stadiums in the SEC) to be both uncomfortable and surrounded by one of the SEC’s worst fanbases. KY fans are just a lot classier than UT’s. But that is still the wrong message to send to the team and their faith in the future. I would hate to see Kentucky spiral downward again. They has TN on the ropes the last two meetings but couldn’t close when opportunity knocked.