A look at Central Michigan, through Boilermaker eyes

Here’s a lengthy preview of Georgia’s second opponent of 2008, the Central Michigan Chippewas, from the Purdue blog Off The Tracks.

Bottom line?  Florida-lite on offense.  But that’s one bad defensive team.


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2 responses to “A look at Central Michigan, through Boilermaker eyes

  1. So Florida-lite on defense, too?

    (I’m here all night.)


  2. dean

    I would say they’re “Florida-lite” all around. Scores a lot points on offense, gives up a lot of points of defense.

    I watched their bowl game last year and was very impressed with their QB. I know it was only one game but he looked like a more accurate passer and seemed a little quicker on his feet than Tebow.

    This will be a good game in regards to giving the D more reps against a spread type offense. I suspect it will be interesting for a quarter and half before our team speed and depth take over.