We heard it on the Internet.

Mark Richt deflates one ‘Net legend and starts another:

Richt shot down Internet rumors that coaches had sent home star tailback Knowshon Moreno last month. It was the first question posed to him by fans. “We did not send him home,” Richt said. “I’m the only one in charge of being able to send anybody home and I didn’t send him home. Knowshon is a wonderful guy and wonderful spirit. … Richt on freshman receiver A.J.Green, who is on campus. “I’ve already heard reports that he’s the real deal.”

I’ll take that.


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3 responses to “We heard it on the Internet.

  1. tmc1

    its okay Knowshon, Auburn has a guy named T’sharvin now and people wont be making as much fun of your name anymore.


  2. Zach

    Does anyone know why Knowshon would potentially get sent home??


  3. Zach. He wouldn’t. That’s sort of the point isn’t it.