In which Rudy Carpenter blinks rapidly, holds his breath, etc.

When your offensive line comes off a season when it yielded 55 sacks, this can’t be welcome news if you’re the starting quarterback.

On the other hand, if you’re a Georgia defensive end…

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10 responses to “In which Rudy Carpenter blinks rapidly, holds his breath, etc.

  1. Can we please stop pretending this game is going to be close? I know, I know… it’s arrogant and whatever to tell Arizona State fans that one is expecting this game to be over after the first quarter. We have to be polite and talk about how we are expecting a very close game, etc., etc.

    This game is Hawaii II. Just a nice weekend of golf before the SEC season truly begins.


  2. Atlchris

    I’m still looking for anyone to show me an ASU schedule that has better OOC opponents than UGA…


  3. Chuck

    On paper, yes. Of course, Michigan lost to App State, WVU lost to Pitt, USC lost to Stanford, we lost to WVU, SoCar, Vandy, and Kentucky in the past few years.

    There is always cause for optimism but almost never cause for certainty.


  4. dean

    I agree with Texas_Dawg that this game SHOULD be well in our control by halftime. However I also agree with Chuck in that we can not afford to go into any game assuming a win. If USuCk plays us tough, like they always do, then we could be a little lethargic for the ASU game. Especially if the players think all they have to do is show up to win.


  5. Whatever. The fans aren’t the players. Sit around wringing your hands trying to dream up ways that ASU might make this a game. I’ll acknowledge the obvious until given reason to think otherwise though: this game won’t be close.


  6. I seem to recall a Colorado game that should have been put away in the first quarter as well. Instead we crapped in our bison burgers and barely made it out alive thanks to Joe Cox. I will give you the argument that this isn’t the same team we fielded 2 years ago though, but I’m not taking any games for granted. I hope to hang 50 on ’em!


  7. NebraskaDawg

    I agree with Texas Dawg. Our D-Line should be ripping around that crappy O-Line worse than Hawaii.


  8. Ally

    I’d love to spout that same confidence, but I’ve seen too many Georgia games in which we should’ve put a game to bed in the first quarter only to look like we were chasing our tails around the field.

    Texas, from your mouth to God’s ears…but I’ll be the girl at home on my knees praying we don’t blow it.


  9. Texas_Dawg

    Mackalicious (ugh…),

    If you want to think that 2008’s team is the same as 2006’s team, more power to you. I’ll pass though.


  10. TX Dawg, re-read closing comments.

    “I will give you the argument that this isn’t the same team we fielded 2 years ago though”.

    That would clearly show I don’t think the 2008 team is the same as the 2006 team.

    I agree with you that we should blow them out, especially if their #1 OT is walking. I personally don’t like the idea of assuming we’ve got a given before we even see the other team play. Agree to disagree.