Hey, Rocky… watch me pull a Garcia out of my hat!

One more time – Gary Danielson on Steve Spurrier:

“This may be THE game of Steve Spurrier’s coaching era at South Carolina. If you look at Spurrier’s history, he is not one to stress or go back to fundamentals for a big game. He tends to search for something to pull out of his hat.”

Now, ESPN.com’s Chris Low reports at his blog that the

… bigger question is whether or not the Head Ball Coach will pull the trigger on redshirt freshman Stephen Garcia. Spurrier told reporters earlier this week that Garcia still wasn’t ready, but he’s since told others that Garcia was getting closer.

To which The State adds

… Beecher also offered an intriguing nugget: Redshirt freshman Stephen Garcia is getting more snaps.

“Chris (Smelley) and Garcia have been getting most of the work,” Beecher said.

Asked if that meant he was third string now, he answered “I have no idea.”

So what’s the OBC thinking here?  Headgames with Martinez’ preparation?  Motivation for Smelley?  A belief that the Coiffed One is ready for some SEC action?  Genuine indecision over his options?  Or just basic desperation?  Who knows?  You could say it might blow up in his face, except it’s not as if Smelley or Beecher have set the world on fire to date.

As for Garcia, it has to be gratifying to see all that all that effort working out and bonding with his teammates over the summer may be about to pay off.  Er, um… wait a minute.  Never mind.


UPDATE: Low adds a follow up here.  I still don’t know whether Garcia will play Saturday, but Spurrier sure doesn’t mind letting people think he may.



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4 responses to “Hey, Rocky… watch me pull a Garcia out of my hat!

  1. NebraskaDawg

    To borrow a quote from “Super Troopers”: “Desperation is a stinky perfume.”


  2. SCDawg

    I think SOS will play him if we go up by 2 scores in the 1st half. What’s he got to lose? His other two QB’s have been mostly dreadful this year.

    Living in Columbia he’s all the Cocks fans can talk about. They throw the name Tanneyhill around a lot when they talk about him. I’m sure WM will have a QB spy ready if he comes in. He’s supposed to be something akin to Logan Gray, but maybe a little slower and a little bigger.


  3. I said it on bleacher report and I’ll sya it here: I hope Geno Atkins snaps his metrosexual neck


  4. 81Dog

    Didnt Garcia go to high school in Frostbite Falls, MN?

    According to handicapping guru Boris Badanov, “Even Moose and Squirrel think Gamecocks end up shaked and baked Saturday.” His trusty assistant, Natasha Fatale, is wearing a UGA sweatshirt around the home office this week, fwiw.