Our (Dawg)nation turns its lonely eyes to SC

Jody has his South Carolina preview up here.

Two great factoids from him for your ingestion:

  • Under Spurrier, SC is 17-6 when they score first. They are 5-11 in games when the opposition scores first.
  • Do you realize that Mark Richt’s 74 career wins would rank 1st on SC’s all time coaching list? Rex Enright currenty holds the mark with 64 wins (in 140 games…yes, that’s a losing record).

And Doug has his usual entertaining preview up as well.  With monkeys!


UPDATE: Shame on me for almost missing Travis’ succinct summary.



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4 responses to “Our (Dawg)nation turns its lonely eyes to SC

  1. Tony Barnhart

    You Bulldogs better not get so cocky. Remember what happen when you……PLAYED TROY?!?!?!?!


  2. kckd

    Yep, we won.


  3. Tony Barnhart

    Yeah, but they ROLLED almost 500 YARDS OF OFFENSE! That alone means GEORGIA IS IN DANGER OF LOSING EVERY SINGLE GAME THEY PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Thomas Brown

    If South Carolina, who has a 14-17 Losing Record against BCS teams under Steve Spurrier, runs up 500 yards of offense in yet another loss (Spurrier has beat UGA 1 time in this now his 4th season at South Carolina.), I’ll personally quit pointing out that South Carolina does not care about winning. They never have; they never will.

    The Brawl today was all about the fact that South Carolina Gamecocks’ football players were specifically identified to be in fact members of The Reds gang.