Boo hoo.

This is a story that should be eerily reminiscent of an unhappy evening for Georgia fans.

The news is not getting any better for Tennessee’s beleaguered football program. Top quarterback prospect Josh Nunes of Upland, Calif., has opened up his recruitment and is no longer solidly committed to the Vols.

Nunes is rated as the sixth best quarterback prospect in the country by He cited travel concerns as the chief reason for opening up his recruitment and plans to take more visits before making a decision.

Nunes was in Neyland Stadium last Saturday for Tennessee’s 30-6 loss to Florida. The Vols were roundly booed several times by their fans…

I can see how traveling more than half way across the country to hear fans boo the team you committed to might be grounds for second thoughts.

It takes me back to the worst half of football I’ve ever witnessed in Sanford Stadium.

Legend has it that Jason Campbell decided on the spot that he wasn’t going to Georgia because of how our fans booed as the teams left the field at halftime.

But look at the bright side, UT supporters:  Georgia wound up with David Greene as a consolation prize.



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12 responses to “Boo hoo.

  1. Christian

    Oh my gosh, that is deja vu right there. That game against AU was the buzz kill to Jim Donnan’s long-term chances here in Athens.

    Even when people were wavering about his staying back in 1999 – we all remembered this game.

    Go Dawgs!!


  2. Joe

    I submit that Gtu 2000 was the worst 1st half of football ever played at Sanford Stadium.

    Although I do wonder, where is Ronnie Daniels now?


  3. SSB Charley

    Jebus, I remember being in the student section and watching Jeff Harris flail away at the ball instead of making the tackle right in front of me. I never wanted to see Harris in a game after that play. And that was right about the point when I decided I was ready for Donnan to head onto greener pastures.


  4. UgaMatt

    Ah, just when I thought I had purged that game from my mind. That was the game when Quincy thought it would be a good idea at the coin toss to say “Give those MFers the ball”. Good riddance QC and Donnan!


  5. 81Dog

    thanks for the unfortunate rush of deja vu, Senator. It took me years to push the ugliness of that particular game out of my mind. There are times when I rue the day Al Gore invented the internet.

    “Give Ben Leard the ball! Give Ben Leard the ball.”

    Well, OK, Quincy. They did. Ronnie Daniels probably only gained about 986 yards after the catch(es). I didnt boo after watching our DBs chicken fight Ronnie and the other AU receivers as they put us in what felt like a 76-0 hole at halftime, but I did consider asking a police officer to just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

    that may not have been the worst game I ever saw in Athens, but it surely was in the bottom 5. Total fiasco.


  6. Worst half of football I’ve ever witnessed in Sanford would be the second half of UGA/Marshall ’04. Saving every good offensive play for the next week + preposterous amount of thumb-twiddling + running power-I plays with Tyson Freaking Browning = Epic fail. Yeah, I know Marshall didn’t really have a chance to win…but sheesh, could you at least wait until you’ve got a workable margin before you start playing your Z-game?

    I had to spend the second half of 2004 defending my team for that fiasco. Well, yeah, we ARE really good…it’s just that…we really didn’t care in that game…trust me…


  7. Every time I refer to UGA-AU ’99 I describe it the same way — as close to a waking nightmare as I’ve ever experienced in my life.

    And I’ve been a vocal opponent of the idea that it’s acceptable to boo your own players, but . . . well, I’m a little less adamant about not booing one’s own coaches, ’cause after that game, I wanted to stand on Kevin Ramsey’s front stoop and boo him at the top of my lungs until the cops showed up.


  8. Jim

    I have heard a number of fans boo highly paid coaches but I have heard few actually boo the kids.


  9. HVL Dawg

    It is NEVER OK to boo our boys in red & black. Do you think the players can tell your are just booing at the coaches?


  10. montgomeryaldawg

    Worst football I ever personally witnessed at Sanford was a game in the 90’s against bama during the RG era. UGLY. I am a huge Hines Ward fan, but we looked pathetic that game. Worst coached team and worst executed game I ever saw.


  11. Kit

    “It is NEVER OK to boo our boys in red & black. Do you think the players can tell your are just booing at the coaches?

    Amen to that. Blog it, write letters to the AA or blast them on radio and TV shows, but NEVER boo the team in any capacity. The kids can’t tell the difference and it kills our image in front of recruits in ways that are irreversible.


  12. EllenwoodDawg

    That was the game where those !^%$#^%$ from Auburn tore up our hedges as souvenirs. I was driving busses for UGA Transit at the time and had been standing next David Greene and his parents in the end zone bleachers near the big concrete dawg. When the Auburn players ran by with our hedges raised to a collection of their fans gathered at the player exit, I tried to yank the branch free from Heath Evans. That guy was so strong that I wasn’t able to wrestle the branch free even though he didn’t see it coming. I will forever hate Auburn.