Flat as the proverbial pancake?

Chip Towers purports to sense a lack of energy in the Georgia fan base for this Saturday’s Tennessee game.

And read this fascinating post by David Hale about leadership issues on the team.  He draws an interesting conclusion about it:

… Curran’s point — that players are too quick to let mistakes be corrected by the coaches — speaks volumes about the leadership on the team. True, there aren’t a lot of seniors on this Georgia team, at least among the key players, but that’s not an excuse.

I wonder if all the preseason talk about high expectations, etc., has trained Georgia’s players to downplay a lot of the team’s issues, and that is carrying over to the practice field.

Obviously we (the reporters) are not privy to everything going on at practice (we only see about 20 minutes of it) but in many of my interactions with Georgia’s top players, they are (at best) reserved. Certainly it’s possible (maybe likely) that their personality in the locker room is greatly different than it is with the media — but Lomax and Curran’s comments lead me to believe there just aren’t a lot of loud voices coming from the players on the practice field or film room. Both Curran and Lomax seem determined to change that.

There are some extended comments about this from Rennie Curran you can read here.

I’m obviously not privy to what’s going on in the locker room and on the practice field as Hale and Dehner are, so all I can do is speculate.  But I have this sense that we’re all still suffering from a bit of a hangover from the letdown that was the Alabama game.  It’s a bit worrisome right now.


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10 responses to “Flat as the proverbial pancake?

  1. the Coondawg

    I agree, they need to step it up and become leaders. Once they accomplish that, they will explode like they did last year.


  2. HVL Dawg

    In our last game we got punched in the mouth, then punched in the nose, then punched in the belly, then punched in the eye. Its not that we lost a tough game. Its just that Bama knocked the crap out of us.

    Now we limp into the UT game, remembering the last two years, knowing that hard part of the season is ahead of us.

    We do need a couple of players to say “Follow me guys, we’re going to kick the shit out of them.”


  3. dean

    I’m glad to see somebody stepping up and taking a leadership role. And what better player than Rennie.

    For the pancake problem add less liquid and beat eggs with a little sugar until the double in volume and lighten in color. Then gently fold into pancake batter. 🙂


  4. Christian

    Wow. This is especially bad news considering how much CMR relies on “player leadership” throughout the season.

    Go Dawgs!!


  5. Ally

    After reading the extra quotes from Rennie I’m wondering how you can still be worried Senator. If anything, that gave me a tremendous confidence boost.

    It sounds as if during the bye week practices & workouts are quite a bit different. I’ll also add that we saw some of this last year before the loss at UT and especially during that game. Everyone now knows that’s when CMR decided to make some drastic changes in terms of motivation & leadership from the coaching staff. No question, that changed our season. If he did it last year I think he can & will do it again. Rennie sounds as if he’s willing to be the catalyst and has taken on that role. That’s great news, is it not?


  6. Jim

    At this point I am not sure what to think. David is in a better position to get a feel for the team than those of us not there. However, there is a radio personality here in Austin who once kicked for the Longhorns and briefly for the Dallas Cowboys. He says never listen to what the players say but watch what they do. Noise is nothing but performance is everything. As a side note, this kicker is the one who missed the potentially winning field goal in the 1984 Cotton Bowl which allowed us to win 10-9. He is tired of hearing what time is it in Texas jokes.


  7. baltimore dawg

    HVL–I’d characterize it as more of a spankin’.


  8. Darryl Strawberry

    We are going to lose this game.

    Tennessee is going to manhandle us up front on both sides of the ball, much like Bama did.

    If I could bring myself to bet against the dawgs, which there is no way in hell I can, I would take UT +13 and put my net worth on it.

    We do NOT match up well against this team…the same team that did EXACTLY what bama did to us this year, last year.


  9. We do NOT match up well against this team…the same team that did EXACTLY what bama did to us this year, last year.

    Tennessee is 2-3 on the season, the two wins being over UAB and a sterling 13-9 victory over Northern Illinois. Tennessee lost to UCLA, who is beyond terrible.

    Yeah, their lines!, their lines!, their lines!. Their lines haven’t done diddily poo against viable competition all year long. At least ’06 UT had hung a few points at Cal. Step back from the ledge, everyone.

    As for the attitude, I remember a similar meh feeling coming out of the Dawgs heading into last year’s WLOCP. Just saying.


  10. Er, at least ’07 UT had hung a few points at Cal.