This morning’s UT-UGA question

Each team gets an important player back:  Britton Colquitt returns for Tennessee and Brannan Southerland is once again the starting fullback for Georgia.

Who has the bigger impact in Saturday’s game?


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9 responses to “This morning’s UT-UGA question

  1. While a punter can have a huge impact on a particular game (see Mimbs, Brian: UGA-UScar 2008), our offense has definitely missed Brannan Southerland more than a punter could ever be missed.

    Could it be his blocking that has made Moreno look so fast in practice this week?


  2. Robert

    Man, will I be glad to see good ol’ 36 in the backfield pushing people over this Saturday.


  3. mant

    We have really missed Brannan’s blocking coming out of the backfield. I can’t wait to see him hit somebody in orange on Saturday.


  4. dean

    I’m going to have to go with Southerland on this one. Our running game has struggled against SEC defenses, not to mention pass protection. I think BS gives us a huge upgrade in both categories. In UT’s case the punter has not been solid but, from what I’ve seen, it’s the coverage that’s lacking. I understand part of the coverage issues could stem from poor punts but in this case it seems to be just plain old bad fundamentals with the coverage. Oh and let’s not forget about the punt protection. I’m going off memory but haven’t they had 2 punts blocked already this year.
    On that same note we’ve blocked, or at least partially blocked, 2 punts this year and didn’t get a single point off either.


  5. Ally

    Oh no question, Southerland will have the bigger impact. His blocking ability alone is priceless. And his power on short yardage plays can be the gamechanger.

    Britton has to be a little rusty & as someone else emtnioed their coverage isn’t exactly stellar. Hopefully Prince will pull a Thomas Flowers (h/t DAve Akins) and give us some cushion. Besides, Britton will probably still be drunk, hungover, or in the Athens pokey come Saturday anyways 😉


  6. Ally

    Good Lord, I must be dislexic…. should have read m-e-n-t-i-o-n-e-d.


  7. NM

    Well, with any luck, Colquitt will see the field a whole lot in his season opener… and Southerland will still have a bigger impact.


  8. craigc283

    This should help answer the question


  9. Papageorgio

    Great link craig… wow, that got me even more pumped for the game!