I did it… my way.

Que the strings:

In a season that largely has gone to the dogs, Tennessee head football coach Phillip Fulmer opted for a more subdued approach in his Tuesday press conference rather than the animated, defiant demeanor that followed last month following a blowout-loss to Florida.

“I’m not a dog that barks and then runs into the house. I’m going to do my job on a daily basis, or bark from inside the house,” said the Vols’ embattled coach. “I’m going to do my job and do it the right way. That’s all, there’s only so many hours and only so many things you can fix at one particular time and lay my head on the pillow at night and know I’ve done it and done it right and had a lot of success doing it.”

I’m not sure what that means, but it sure smells like a man who’s resigned to an unhappy fate.


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3 responses to “I did it… my way.

  1. JasonB

    The funniest part of that press conference was when he said, “All I try to do is run a clean program”.

    I almost fell out of the chair laughing


  2. Ally

    I heard that too. The next sentence out of his mouth when he declared that he HAS run a clean program is when I spit my sweet tea across the room.


  3. Auditdawg

    Guys, I feel guilty because I almost feel bad for Fulmer the way this is going down. He’s like the old dog that you’ve had for years, but can’t control his bowels anymore. You know it’s time to put him down, but it pains you so much to see it. Maybe I’ve never developed a hatred for Fulmer like I did with Spurrier, but the man genuinely seems to be trying, things just aren’t working out for him.