The man is a genius… a genius, I tell you.

As if you needed it, Chris Low has further proof of the amazing job Stacey Searels has done this season.

… This is the fourth different combination the Bulldogs have used this season, and according to Brett Edgerton in ESPN’s Stats and Analysis department, the youngest starting five by far among the top 10 teams in the BCS standings this week. No other team in the top 10 of the BCS standings starts even one freshman in the offensive line. [Emphasis added.]

The only other Top 25 team that’s as young in the offensive line is Florida State, which also starts three freshmen and two sophomores. Minnesota starts two freshmen and two sophomores, while Boise State starts two freshmen and one sophomore.

Just a reminder – Georgia ranks second in the SEC and eighteenth nationally in sacks allowed.  And, no, you can’t give the o-line all of the credit here.  But it does deserve the lion’s share.  And compare what this bunch has been able to do compared with their 2003 counterparts.  I can’t say enough about what Searels has accomplished.



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5 responses to “The man is a genius… a genius, I tell you.

  1. brad

    I watched the game again on TIVo last night and what impressed me the most was the play of the OL. The other thing that impressed me was the play of Stafford. He made throw after throw and during the heat of the game I didn’t realize how difficult a lot of the throws actually were. He overthrew a couple of bombs (one probably for a touchdown) but he was so amazingly calm and poised in the pocket.

    So, yeah, he’s probably gone.


  2. dean

    PAY THA MAN SHIRLEY (and by Shirley I mean Evans or Richt)!!!


  3. Ally

    I would prefer that the press keep this information under wraps please. The last thing I want to hear in the offseason is that some nfl program is going after Searles. God help me, but think I’d cry more if we lost him than the day Larry retired.

    Stacey’s wife works at UGA and they have family close. Those reminders are what will keep me from having a nervous breakdown at the thought of him ever leaving.


  4. Of all the coaches on the staff, Searels leaving the program would be the most detrimental, imho. Imagine how good the line will be when these guys are Jr’s and Sr’s? Solid line play allows us not only to win now but also to recruit better linemen, an area we’ve struggled under Richt (or maybe more fairly Callaway), and better skill players who’ll love to know that the line will open holes, allow more time for them to get open, and enable them to stand in the pocket to complete passes upright.


  5. Thomas Brown

    Who’s The Better Football Coach ?

    Coach Richt or Urban Meyer ?

    MN Championships :

    1 for Meyer with Ron Zook’s players, none without them.

    0 for Coach Richt.

    Points : 1 for Meyer, 0 for Coach Richt.

    SEC Championships :

    2 for Coach Richt.

    1 for Urban Meyer.

    Motivation :

    1 for Coach Richt for The Celebration before rules prevented it.

    0 for Urban 3rd person Meyer, who in writing guarantees a retaliation 2 days from now, because he knows he was out-coached.

    Character :

    Hands down, no comparison here :

    Coach Richt 1 for coming to UGA and staying at UGA after going to Florida State and staying there. This is year 8 at UGA for Coach Richt, a Christian who speaks The Truth.

    -1 Minus One for Urban Meyer who tried to bench Chris Leak, who only won him the MNC.

    -1 Minus One for Urban Crybaby for showing the example to Tim Tebow 3 weeks ago to cry after losing to Ole Miss, when Urban Crier cried in the press conference after his loss at Florida. God Almighty you whining crybabies.

    Urban Meyer was at 2 different schools for 2 years each, and now at Florida for 3 years. How good are Urban Meyer’s recruits ? Not Ron Zook’s, but Urban Meyer’s ?

    Head-to-Head :

    2 for Urban Meyer

    1 for Coach Richt.

    This game balances it and Matthew Stafford is a much better QB than Tim Tebow. Knowshon Moreno is better than Tim Tebow who is the leading rusher again for Florida this year and never has been nor ever will be a Quarterback. AJ Green is better than Percy Harvin. What kind of a name is Percy for a girl anyway ? Percy Harvin is used by Urban Meyer at other positions besides Wide Receiver anyway. AJ Green always will be a better WR than Percy Harvin including like Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno better at the next level than Tim Tebow, AJ Green better at the next level than Percy Harvin.

    Discipline :

    Torrey Davis FL DT underage drinking 6 Feb 2008. Even the FL Cheerleader Lauren Beard False Police Report 6 March 2008. Jermaine Cunningham FL arrested in sandwich shop in the infamous attack by deadly sandwich hothead incident. FL Safety Jamar Hornsby arrested on Credit Card Fraud for going to his teammate’s girlfriend’s apartment after she was killed and stealing her credit card which he then used to go to the same Quick Trip 60 times to buy gas and other sundry items. God Almighty. Ronnie Wilson aggravated battery, assault, use of concealed weapon. Starting Linebacker Jerimy Finch transferred to Indiana 8 June 2008. 4 August 2008 John Reaves Star Florida QB arrested aggravated assault with a gun and cocaine possession. FL BB Star Teddy DuPay charged with RAPE and hitting a woman 19 June 2008, bound over. Florida Coach Urban Meyer guaranteeing in writing that 2 days from now there will be retaliation. Frankly, anyone talking about himself in the 3rd person in 2008 demonstrates NO DISCIPLINE himself, and this is most certainly NOT the case with Coach Richt.

    After the Mythical National Championship with Ron Zook’s players, Urban Meyer saw 7 of his players arrested after the game. 7, including four (4) felonies. Coach Richt has a problem like this ? BS.

    How much control over his team does Urban Meyer really have ? Go ahead. Tell me.

    Before the game started even, UGA scored right out of the box to lead 7-0 at the beginning of the damn game. There was no rule against Celebration. There is now, but there was not then other than the two 15-yard penalties imposed on our kickoff leading to your Florida score to tie the game at 7-7. Urban Meyer had the whole entire game to inspire and motivate his players. Florida LOST by several Touchdowns 30-42 at the site of The Gator Bowl every year in JAX.

    Florida does not have a winning record there over UGA the last 4 years running now.

    Urban Meyer was out-coached by Coach Richt.

    If Urban Meyer has coaching instincts during the game, where in the hell were they demonstrated during the entire game against us last season after The Celebration ?

    Coach Richt figured this out, before the game.

    It’s called a Game Plan.

    Games Against Teams who in fact ended that season in the Final AP Poll Top 25 :

    Urban Crybaby :

    Lost to No. 8 Alabama 3-31.

    Lost to No. 6 LSU 17-21 and cried in the press conference afterwards.

    Beat No. 10 UGA 14-10 when DJ Shockley was injured UGA Won SEC. Florida ended No. 12.

    Beat No. 23 Florida State 34-7.

    Beat No. 25 Tennessee 21-20.

    Beat No. 3 LSU 23-10.

    Lost to No. 9 Auburn 17-27.

    Beat No. 15 Arkansas 38-28. SEC Champions.

    Beat No. 2 Ohio State suckeyes MNC 41-14 like 9 other SEC teams have.

    Beat No. 12 Tennessee 59-20.

    Lost to No. 15 Auburn 17-20.

    Lost to No. 1 LSU 24-28.

    Lost to No. 2 UGA 30-42.

    Lost to No. 18 Michigan 35-41.

    Beat current BCS No. 19 LSU 51-21.


    I thought Urban Meyer was the best football coach in America and Legend in his own mind ?

    If he loses this game, he will NOT have a winning record against teams who end up that season in the Final AP Poll Top 25.

    And, of course, he racked that up with Ron Zook’s recruits and NOT with Tim Tebow as his Starting QB.

    Coach Richt is 4-2 last year and this year so far.

    Urban Meyer is 2-4.

    That’s with Urban Meyer’s recruits.

    And, you think you can say that Urban Meyer is a better Coach than Coach Richt ? BS

    Urban Meyer is not a better man than Coach Richt, not a better recruiter than Coach Richt, not a better in-game strategy than Coach Richt, not a better record against Final AP Poll Top 25 teams than Coach Richt, not a better leader by example than Coach Richt, not a better disciplinarian, not as good a Game Plan against Final AP Poll Top 25 teams, not better football instincts than Coach Richt, and Coach Richt does not speak of himself in the 3rd person in 2008 making written assaults on our team because he was out-coached and knows it.

    If it were not for Ron Zook, Urban Meyer would never have accomplished a damn thing in his life compared to Coach Richt whom he doesn’t hold a candle to.