Kiffin watch: taking notice

I’ll say this for Junior – he wanted a high profile, he’s got a high profile.

Now he’s not only got his fellow football coaches paying attention to his antics, he’s got guys in other sports doing it.  Like Georgia basketball coach Mark Fox, who, in response to a question about secondary violations, had this to say:

I don’t know if they’re a growing problem. I will tell you this, I think that you’ll probably start reading about much stiffer penalties with secondary violations.

Nothing like making an impact…

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  1. Dog in Fla

    Lane scoffs, sips chai tea latte, savoring the latte foam as it goes down, looks at Rolex, sees it’s 3:15 and time to knock off, adjusts his codpiece, and says,

    “Bring ‘Em On. Secondaries to me are like fleas on Ol’ Smokie and he’s got a lot of ’em. Does everybody think that Lane didn’t learn anything from being in the House of the Rising USCarroll where no Bush was ever burned for putting his parents up in a nice home? Pete’s like the Bear used to be, the NCAA in no way is going to mess with him and with Lane for that matter. And who the hell is Mark Fox anyway? Thought he coached at Gonzaga. Georgia’s got a basketball program? Thought they got the Death Penalty after Adams hired the Harrick padre y nino. In any event, if Fox keeps this up, I’ll put in a requisition to Head Coach Pat Summit asking her to sic Bruce Pearl, the Coach O of Tennessee basketball, on Fox and that’ll keep him quiet for awhile. If there’s going to be any attention whore around here, it’s gonna be me. That’s part of the plan.”