Here are photos of two incredible catches by AJ Green, courtesy of Grant Blankenship at the Macon Telegraph:



Second quarter catch

Second quarter catch

I don’t think Akeem Auguste is sorry to see the end of that game.



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11 responses to “Superfreak

  1. Dog in Fla

    Did Pterosaurs Survive Extinction?

    Dozens of eyewitness accounts, mostly from the dazed and confused South Carolina defensive secondary after their close encounter with what they first thought was a large wingspan UFO in an Area 51 incident in Athens over the weekend, and a few intriguing photographs suggest that what the South Carolina players called a flying monster, thought to have died with the dinosaurs, might still exist.


  2. Ben Rockwell

    Julio who?


  3. mdr

    Its such a joke that people think Julio is as good or better than AJ. To me there is no comparison. At this point in their careers, AJ is on another level.


  4. dean

    I saw a comment somewhere criticizing Joe for throwing the pass in the 2nd picture. Honestly who other than AJ is going to catch that pass?


  5. Joe B.

    I had to listen to a couple of douche Scu fans doing the replay on Sportsouth last night, and they kept referring to him as the “Eighth Wonder.”

    I would hate to give those guys any credit, but thought it was pretty catchy.

    Also, that top picture looks like it is already a print, ready to be framed. It appears that the trigger man had his finger ever so slightly obscuring the top right of the shot and it gives the appearance of a glow across AJ.

    Super talent, glad we have him. Just wish we could have gotten Knowshon and Staff back to team with him for one more season.


  6. JasonC

    I am sure Wholio is a great player, but there is no way he can touch Green’s aerial body control and flight time. AJ’s ability to get up, STAY UP and maneuver is freakishly unhuman. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone else like him.


  7. Hey man,

    I’m glad you like the photos. Quick correction. My last name is Blankenship. Just so people can find me on the interwebs….

    Carry on.

    Grant B.