“But our leaders can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

And with that ringing endorsement, a new star is born, people:  PlayoffPAC.  Please give generously.

There’s plenty of comedy gold to mine there, including cites to not one, but two John Feinstein articles.

And the usual suspects sound very impressed and supportive.


UPDATE: Perspective is a bitch, though.

… Geoffrey C. Rapp, an associate law professor at the University of Toledo who follows sports law, said he doesn’t see the PAC making much difference.

“The legislative branch is good at holding hearings, is good at getting angry about things,” he said. “But it doesn’t seem like it’s been as good at actually implementing any meaningful solutions.”


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  1. Dog in Fla

    And the T.O. No Shit Sherlock Award this week goes to Bryson Morgan, a member of Playoff PAC’s Board of Directors, for his illuminating heroic Churchillian statement of:

    “All of us recognize that our nation has weightier issues to tackle.”

    Bryson, unable to accept the award in person because of a prior committment entertaining politicians and BCS kahunas on a junket to Bangkok, sent Orrin Hatch (Dapper Dan-UT) and Rep. Joe Barton(Former Opportunist-TX) to accept the award on his behalf and they stated that they were going to do as much as they possibly could to see that a public option was included as part of the reconciled healthcare reform bill and that all torturers, communists and socialists be prosecuted to the fullest extent of whatever law remains on this continent causing a momentary hush in the audience until they quickly added that they were just ***king with us and all things quickly returned to normal, thank goodness.


  2. I was e-mailed a link to this site a while back, and I’ve gotta say it’s rather disheartening that this seems like any other political hot-button issue site. Their “Quick facts on the BCS” page is a joke, and they seem more interested in glossing over the issues for their own benefit than anything else. This comment at the end of Galloway’s article says it all: “Bringing college football in line with other college playoff systems “would be a chance for the DePauls and Villa Novas to show what they’re made of,” the spokesman said”. Absolutely ridiculous – I don’t know how you could be more out of touch.

    I admit, I used to be completely anti-playoff. My stance has softened a bit in the past few years, and while I still prefer a system that names a ‘best’ champion rather than a ‘clear-cut’ one, I think there are ways to devise a playoff system that would satisfy both sides. It’s a hell of a lot more complex than a simple “playoff!” can solve, and it seems a lot of people don’t want to admit that.


  3. The BCS isn’t perfect (what in life is?), but it’s 1,000x better than an NFL-style playoff would be.

    The NFL is garbage. An extremely boring game that means so little that fans don’t travel to road games. Keep that crap out of CFB.


  4. That late 90s looking website they have is pretty sweet though. Quality operation there, guys.


  5. Macallanlover

    As little respect as I have for political leaders in this Congress, this would be their greatest accomplishment. It is obvious the Presidents, Commissioners, and the NCAA will never man up on this issue. You have all seen the human polls, now the computer nerds come in, this is no way to determine a winner. Not a full scale NFL type playoff, but an 8 teamer will work, and it will work within the current time frame.


  6. MT

    No one has still presented to me a sound reason why we should go ahead and blow up the current system in favor of a playoff, without making some simple changes.

    Why doesn’t the NCAA mandate that every guaranteed BCS-eligible conference hold a conference championship game? The SEC, Big 12, and ACC, among others, already do.

    It’s a simple intermediate solution that doesn’t implode the current structure and could still be seen as an improvement on the structure.

    My slightly more radical step further would include mandating that, besides the service academies, no other school can be ‘Independent’ (this means you Notre Dame). I think the Big 10 would make the final plunge for a conference championship game (as even Joe Paterno has pointed out) if Notre Dame logically joined the Big 10.


  7. Saw this a while back because I work in politics. Most, even those I work with that are vehemently pro-playoff, found it to be funny more than anything else.

    It is a funny idea, but it will never amount to anything.


  8. Turbo Nugget Funk


    I’ve got an idea. How about we all hand over our health care decisions to said legislative branch?


  9. Where’s that picture of the guy wearing the tinfoil hat? Shouldn’t that be at least linked on their website?