Of 4-2-5s and Cover 2 Robbers…

I’m as clueless as the rest of you when it comes to the identity of Georgia’s next defensive coordinator, but as you’re wiling away the hours (days?  weeks?) waiting for our savior to ride in to Athens on his white horse, you might want to take a minute to read this excellent summation of how TCU’s Gary Patterson/Dick Bumpas structure their defense (h/t Dawg Sports).  Good stuff.


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4 responses to “Of 4-2-5s and Cover 2 Robbers…

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “waiting for our savior to ride in to Athens on his white horse”

    Monte Kiffin was Lou Holtz’s successor


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Let’s try this again.

    ‘waiting for our savior to ride in to Athens on his white horse’

    Monte Kiffin succeeded Lou Holtz at N.C. State in the late 70’s. They help a pep rally to introduce him and he rode in on a white horse dressed up like the Lone Ranger. Wonder what his preschool son Lane learned from that?


  3. Paul

    We don’t worry about formations any more. When you divide the formation down the middle, to each side there are only 3 formations the offense can give the secondary. The offense can give you a pro set, which is a tight end and wideout; a twin set, which is 2 wideouts; or some kind of trips set that the defense will have to defend. That is all they can give you.

    When the offense lines up with an unbalanced line, do they shift to split the defense based on the strong guard instead of center or something else?


  4. 69Dawg

    Although to the casual fan all this seems complicated, I think the secret is to the football players it isn’t. Defenses play best when the defense is simple and they are left to GATA. Willie, before the ball was snapped looked like a man having a fit. The times this year when the D was looking to the sidelines for the call and then looked confused and then we called timeout on D were a lot. CMR being a O man did not like the D using all the time outs. Hopefully, the new DC will remember that with the 20 hour rule, he needs to KISS.