Plausible deniability

Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but is it possible that Corch Meyers is setting this whole leave of absence thing as a defense in case things don’t go well enough in Gator Land in 2010?  I mean, when you read that Notre Dame assistant Corwin Brown is a possibility as Florida D-coordinator (and, please, please, please, hire that man), you can almost hear the excuses being formulated.

Or, more likely, the blame.  I hope Coach Addazio has a very sharp sword to throw himself on should the time come, so at least the end will be brief.



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10 responses to “Plausible deniability

  1. I think he is just addicted to the attention. After the Bama game, UF wasn’t being fellated by ESPN anymore, so he had to do something to get the spotlight back on him. He is as a sleazy, low-class coach we’ve seen in a VERY long time–maybe since Switzer.


  2. ConnGator

    I am not too concerned. Let’s look at the 90s. Five different DC, nine victories:

    1990 DC: Jim Bates Victor: Florida
    1991 DC: Ron Zook Victor: Florida
    1992 DC: Ron Zook Victor: Florida
    1993 DC: Ron Zook Victor: Florida
    1994 DC: Bob Pruett Victor: Florida
    1995 DC: Bob Stoops Victor: Florida
    1996 DC: Bob Stoops Victor: Florida
    1997 DC: Bob Stoops Victor: Georgia
    1998 DC: Bob Stoops Victor: Florida
    1999 DC: Charlie Strong Victor: Florida

    Judging from the last twenty years, Georgia only gets on victory per Florida head coach. Don’t worry, Dawgs, Urban can’t coach forever.


    • I certainly appreciate you measuring your program’s success based on what it does against Georgia.

      Corwin Brown is Ron Zook all over again. I’m sure you guys would be very happy with him.


      • Aligator

        If he hires this asshole, then we deserve to lose …Addozio can not call plays and coach the OL for shiite and if he does not just hire an nasty LB coach and Promote Heater to Full Time DC, I will throw up.


  3. dudetheplayer

    How does what happened in the 1990’s have any bearing on what could happen in the 2010’s?


    • Mike

      It does not. Do you REALLY want to look at the 00s too?

      Just as a reminder, UGA is 2-8 against Florida over that period.


      • dudetheplayer

        The basis of the post seemed to be that we’d like the Gators to hire this guy who appears to be a clear downgrade from Charlie Strong. Unless I am mistaken, Charlie Strong was the D coordinator at UF for the entirety of the 2000s. So no, that one doesn’t really work either.

        Urban Meyer to Addazio as HC and Charlie Strong to Corwin Brown as DC is a massive downgrade, no matter how you slice it. It’s all speculation at this point, though.


        • Mike

          Well, Charlie came on board in 2002. He presided over the two losses to UGA, both of which were caused in large part to defensive lapses. This was particularly true in in 2007.

          It is quite amusing to watch the UGA faithful get all excited when this assistant coach or that one leaves Florida. Then the reality of losing to Florida most years sets in once again.


  4. I’m really hoping the one thing our new DC Granthem(sp?) brings to this team is a complete and utter disregard/disdain for all things pertaining to UF. Hopefully to him and his new assistants this is just another game in which he coaches his charges up to bury the opposing offense at will. Oh, how I wish he can instill this in our defense.