It beats four hot dogs and four Cokes.

Florida International University came up with a unique approach to building student support of its nascent football program:  bribery.

In an attempt to get students to come out and support their football team during home games, Florida International University is offering some creative incentives.

Here’s the pitch:

During each of the next four home games — starting with Saturday’s contest — three students will be chosen at random in the fourth quarter to receive a $500 scholarship for college expenses.

Another four students will win coveted parking upgrades. The sweet deal would allow the winners to park in faculty parking spots for a month.

“We are doing this because we want to create a fan experience and build an affinity for FIU,” said Sandy Gonzalez-Levy, senior vice president of external affairs.

There wasn’t much else they could do, since attendance at games is already free.

(h/t The Business of College Football)



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3 responses to “It beats four hot dogs and four Cokes.

  1. Daniel

    If I’m not mistaken, UGA did something similar with men’s basketball a few seasons ago. A random student’s name would be called during the game, and if the student was in attendance, he or she received a $1500 scholarship.


  2. baltimore dawg

    except games really aren’t free for students at fiu (and at practically every other institution with sports programs) since students pay mandatory, non-remissable fees to support intercollegiate athletics.

    it’s simply a fact that colleges and universities with ic programs mug their students to support athletics when they enroll. it’s reprehensible for the small number of institutions where athletics is a profit center; it’s unconscionable for all the others.

    but, hey, that’s the world we’ve created for ourselves.


  3. Todd

    Surely the faculty has been apprised of the parking situation?

    If not, I am sure we can expect outrage.