Hey, ACC, it’s your mockery now.

The ACC gears up for its inaugural appearance in Shreveport.  Feel the excitement.

The closest Atlantic Coast Conference school to Shreveport is Georgia Tech, some 597 miles away in Atlanta. Seven members of the Southeastern Conference are within that range.

It doesn’t seem like the geographic appeal of the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl would be too great for the ACC, but that’s hardly the case.

The conference recently dropped primary tie-ins with bowls in San Francisco and Boise, Idaho. Relatively speaking, Shreveport seems just around the corner.

As slogans go, “The Independence Bowl – at least it’s not in Boise” lacks a little pizazz, doesn’t it?



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6 responses to “Hey, ACC, it’s your mockery now.

  1. Macallanlover

    The geographical concern seems proportionate to the level of interest in ACC football in total. A conference which cannot choose a single location within the conference boudaries capable of selling out it’s own championship game has bigger concerns to focus on. If you fail at the macro level, there are bound to be dozens of feeder issues.


  2. Barry

    I can’t wait for the day (likely to be very soon) when Coach “punch them in the face” announces that GTU is proud to accept an Indy Bowl invitation.


  3. RedCrake

    I’m not sure what the choosing order is, but considering some of their other bowl tie-ins are, wouldn’t the Independence be like their Capital One Bowl?


  4. dawgtoons

    I will laugh hardily when GTU goes to the Independence Bowl after putting “At least it’s not Shreveport” with a Hula girl on their scoreboard after we won in ATL in 1991.


  5. D.N. Nation

    I will again note this: That the Barn went to a NYD bowl and we went to Shreveport is farking ridiculous.


    • Macallanlover

      Solid point, it happens to someone every year. I am surprised the SEC Office isn’t powerful enough to exert some control over the selection process with the bowls they have agreements with. There were some reports about the Outback “fishing” for ticket commitments before announcement day and Auburn making the highest bid.

      I will also say UGA fans bring much of this on themselves. It takes very little adversity to have a sizable portion of the fanbase crawl out on ledges proclaiming the end of UGA football. Not hard to see why bowl officials are reluctant to take a chance on Bulldog support versus other schools that are thrilled to get any bowl. Pretty elitist attitude and could explain why we didn’t fall just one spot, but all the way to the bottom.