On the orange-tinged horns of a dilemma

Tucked inside this article about how Tennessee is restoring its three-strikes policy for student athletes’ drug testing is this gem:

Carpenter added that UT is also considering some type of gun policy for student athletes, but there are legal issues attached to it.

Does that mean what works at convenience stores may not work so well in the locker room?  Or that it’s hard to conceal a weapon under a jersey these days?  Damn those pesky legal issues.

Now you really begin to see the genius in hiring Derek Dooley.  He’s a football coach!  He’s an athletic director!  He’s a lawyer!  It’s like getting three for the price of one (less than one, actually, if your baseline is Junior).



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3 responses to “On the orange-tinged horns of a dilemma

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Tenessee’s (the state) gun laws are a little…ah…stupid?…for instance, in many areas you can bring your gun to a bar. I assume this is what’s causing the ripples in the rule water.

    I am just glad the problems in Athens are more with scooters than pistols.


  2. HottCheesE

    They better put something in place or else Da’rick might decide to go “Billy Cole” on Rambo in order to settle their twitter fued.


  3. Sefdawg

    “less than one, actually, if your baseline is Junior”.