Channeling Munson

Two developments that should remind us not to take anything for granted this year when it comes to depth issues:

  1. Clint Boling underwent arthroscopic ankle surgery.  The prognosis is that he should be fully recovered in a “matter of weeks”, but still…
  2. Jalen Fields failed to qualify.  That hurts a little more, potentially, as he was expected to be given a shot at outside linebacker.  My recommendation to bubble wrap Houston and Washington this year still stands.

Let’s hope this news won’t be taken as a metaphor.



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4 responses to “Channeling Munson

  1. NCT

    Russ has done a great job. We’ll be fine on that front.


  2. Reptillicide

    I have total faith in Russ. We won two games in dominating fashion with him patrolling the sidelines.


  3. 69Dawg

    The snake bit UGA football program is just rolling along. CMR when he said the ball didn’t ounce right last year. I think Karma has been kicking our butts for 30 years since the 80 MNC, we used up all of our luck that year.