Kiffin watch: it’s all part of the (new) plan.

Prepare to read a lot of this sort of BS over the next few months:

… WHILE SOME might think UCLA is the big winner in all this, it’s Lane Kiffin, who gets two years of practice and exhibition games before he really has to follow in Carroll’s footsteps.

Right.  It’s just that if all USC needs is a place holder for the next couple of years, you’d think they could find somebody who’d cost a lot less than Kiffin père et fils.

Anyway, Ben Dukes comes up with a road map for Junior’s return to glory.  Almost.

… Unfortunately for Kiffin, in the BCS title game, he faces an SEC team with a full allotment of scholarships for its own 4 and 5 star players. The SEC schedule has made grizzled veterans out of even its first-year-starters. In short, the depth of the roster and the SEC schedule has created a behemoth that even his careful planning and strategic depth-charting can not overcome.

But hey, at least they won the Pac-1X again.

Of course, Ben neglects to mention that the Laner started his preparations for hard times a while ago.

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