Searels may not say much, but when he does…

Day 1 of fall practice is in the book.  For some perspectives on what went on, you can read this, this and this, but I’m not really sure you need much more than Stacey Searels’ summary:

“We really kicked butt in walk-through this morning. We were awesome. . . .Walk throughs, we are world-beaters.” Then, sternly: “You don’t walk through a football game.”

I don’t think there’ll be a humility problem in fall camp this season.


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3 responses to “Searels may not say much, but when he does…

  1. Chuck

    Indeed. It also sounds a little like Coach Searels is not that much in favor of NCAA restrictions on practice. Good for him.


  2. travis fain

    I’ve seen Searels commenting in a few places this week. Has he changed his policy? That seems like something worth a little fanfare.


  3. JC in Powder Springs

    Got to love the no nonsense, no b.s. approach of CSS. He should bottle it and bring it out whenever pass plays are called more than 40% of the game, whenever somebody directional kicks, or whenever a CB provides a 15 yard cushion.