Amen, brother.

You ought to read Austin Murphy’s paene to college football, which reflects an attitude I’ve had seemingly forever.

Here’s a nice encapsulation:

… How cathartic it must be for John Short, a middle-aged insurance salesman who was attending his 27th straight Georgia-Florida game when I met him, to don his foam Bulldogs helmet and bone-shaped Bite me, Gators bow tie, inflate the Hairy Dawg blow-up figure atop his van, then commence mixing his famed (and feared) 14-ingredient, antifreeze-colored “Gator-killer punch.”

These are the passions spawned by college football’s ancient feuds, which have no NFL equivalent, and which serve as border disputes and culture clashes all at once. Two of the best known of those — Florida versus Georgia and Texas versus Oklahoma — engender such hostility that they must be contested in neutral settings…

The season can’t get here soon enough.


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3 responses to “Amen, brother.

  1. Julep

    Desperate for football and far from Dawg heaven here in Connecticut, I had this morning’s TV on a rerun of the Falcons-Chiefs preseason game. In walks my 13 year old son, himself in the 3d week of preseason Pop Warner practice. He watches a minute, then says “it wouldn’t matter much even if it was in season. College football and the Dawgs are what really matters.” Then a wise analogy. “It’s like that little seedless watermelon I ate yesterday–pretty sorry compared to the real watermelons we brought back from Georgia last month.” That sums it up about right!


  2. John T. Reed is actually a youth league football coach. He is quite the character.

    Anyway great read.


  3. Phocion

    Of course Auburn pu**ed out of making the list years ago.