“Anyone else need a drink right now?”

Before you get too worked up one way or the other about the results of yesterday’s scrimmage, here’s some valuable perspective from Roll ‘Bama Roll.


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  1. fetch

    “Don’t get tired of whipping their tail,” Richt said of his message in recalling the scene. “Don’t get tired or bored or feel sorry for them. Just keep whipping them.”

    That’s like Dawg porn right there.


  2. Brandon

    I don’t have scientific data to back this up just memory but I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing for your defense to kick your offense’s butt in scrimmages. A lot of years it seems like when our offense was cutting through our defense like swiss cheese so did our opponents when the season started. If the offense, with a QB who had never played a down in college football was lighting up our defense I would be much more concerned than under this scenario. The offense (especially with a new QB) will improve as the season goes on but if our defense can play lights out from the start, then I’d be very optimistic about our chances this year, and I think we’ll really be strong come November (and hopefully late October).


    • 69Dawg

      +1 The D is going to have to carry the O in the beginning good OL or not. AM has got to get his feet wet in the SEC with SCU and their D is good. Remember in the imortal words of Erk “if they don’t score we can’t lose.”


  3. 69Dawg

    One other note about the Ala article, I wonder if Kirby Smart will ever get the HC job any where as long as Saban has him in his shadow. Talk about an invisible DC. He is making more money (thanks to us) with less accountability to the outside world than any DC in college football.


  4. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Just a few practice notes………….
    The offense remains “impotent” since the G-Day game and now proceding into the season.
    We are 2 to 1 pass to run. We need to be the opposite.
    Better still run three times and pass,like Florida.
    We are throwing because we can’t run!
    The Mark Richt Apologists will try to blaim it on injuries, but they weren’t that effective at running during the G-Day game either and there weren’t any injuries.
    As I have stated many times, this offensive line is experienced but “bogus”. They do not have the “punch” to generate a consistent running game.

    Intercept-a-Murray’s numbers are “weak”.

    Mark Richt has the chance for another first. How long has it been since Georgia finished out of the top twenty-five two seasons in a row?

    Is the defense that good or is the offense that bad?

    I hope the defense is that good.

    When are the Dawgs going to take the annual trip to “Camp Weeney”?


    • D.N. Nation

      You’re bitching about being unable to get the running game going in a scrimmage.

      Think about that for a minute.


    • anon

      We didn’t have a hard time running when we beat your Jackets, you jackass GT troll . . .


    • Ray

      You seem to be “on the rag” 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I really hate to admit this but……..I was thinking of some your posts yesterday while cutting the grass. I really don’t know who you’re a fan of or what your motivations are when you post. You complain ad nasueum about Richt and staff, usually a flame war ensues. Maybe you do have a better idea and nobody cared to ask. So say that Richt has another bad year and you are the AD. Who would you hire as a replacement and what salary would you be willing to pay them? Let’s be transparent here. You can’t be willing to a position and not offer a solution, that crap is for politics. So lay it out, who could UGA hire (realistically) specifically and what price would you pay them?


    • X-Dawg

      GFY…and don’t ask for seconds. And, btw, please limit your exponentially greater knowledge of college football than anyone known to mankind to the AJC (specifically to Bill Kings blog) from now on. Thanks! 🙂


      • Brandon

        My sentiments exactly, you know it is a real tragedy that AJC blog commenters are discovering the rest of the dawgosphere, I wish they could have kept their expertise more concentrated, now all will suffer equally from the dissemination of their “knowledge”.


    • Brandon

      Seriously man, maybe they figure its their passing they need more work on.


  5. Macallanlover

    Several factors pointing to higher scoring this year in the SEC:

    1. Major defensive losses and /or DC changes at Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and TN combined with teams are questionable on defense based on last year like Auburn, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

    2. Potentially dominating offenses at Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia with offensive minded coaches at Auburn, Florida, MSU, SC, and KY.

    Nothing ever turns out like it appears on paper, and I don’t think the SEC becomes the Big 12 or PAC10, but more shootouts are likely this Fall. I love good defensive struggles as much a s everyone, but those 55+ point games are mighty tasty as well.

    I have the go the opposite direction of 69Dawg, I think the offense has to carry the load early on until the defense catches on. But if he is right and the defense is capable of carrying their share, we could have a very special season. It would be surprising to me if the offense doesn’t finish in the Top 3 of the SEC. Then again, I felt our OL and running game would dominate all of last year, not just the final part of the season. We will all know soon.


  6. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Mark Richt has’nt won a championship since Kirby Smart and Brian Van Gorder left the program and the Mark Richt Apologist know it. Richt is averaging 3 conference losses per season and Smart is winning national championships…………see the correlation?

    How about Kirby Smart? or Will Muschamp …..or Van Gorder………….but Richt has fallen and can’t get up. It’s obvious he wasn’t that important in the three conference playoffs.

    No one was injured in the G-Day game and the running game was poor. So don’t hand me the “injured” stuff. We all had to listen to Mark Richt whine about Sturdivant for two years…..please no more. Richt has had four years to recruit and train offensive linemen….where are they? Ealey did not gain more than 9 yards on any one carry in the G-Day game.

    Sturdivant’s knee blows out quicker than the air bag on a Honda Civic.

    You don’t here these apologetics from the Mac Brown,Urban Meyer and Nick Saban fans.


    • Mark Richt has’nt won a championship since Kirby Smart and Brian Van Gorder left the program…

      Are you suggesting that Georgia won the SEC in ’05 because Smart coached the RBs?

      You’re a funnier guy than I thought.


      • ChicagoDawg

        Yeah, losing Smart as the RB coach was a huge, huge blow. If only he had stuck around, we might have had some backs go on to play in the NFL. Guys like Kregg Lumpkin, Danny Ware, and Thomas Brown. Also, we might have had an all-conference RB who would go on to become a first round NFL draft pick….wait a minute…what’s that? Oh yeah, that guy named Moreno……oh well….I hate when facts get in the way.


    • D.N. Nation

      Mac Brown doesn’t need any apologists. He’s doing a great job at Paddy’s Pub.


  7. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    When are the Dawgs going to take the annual trip to “Camp Weeney”?



    • The Realist

      Are you seriously making fun of a camp for kids with cancer? If so, I’d really like to kick you in the dick. That way your seed will not be passed along. If I’m too late, I’ll kick you kids in the dick to keep them from reproducing, you asshat.

      It would be an unfortunate, ironic series of events if your family was in need of such a camp one day.

      Your kind is a disgrace, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Since you won’t be, let’s meet up on Sept. 4th so we can hash things out like men. Want to?


  8. Objective Bama Fan

    Smart will be a head coach at a major conference by this time next year. Maybe at Georgia (just kidding).


  9. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    The Rich Apologists forget:

    Mark Richt made the first bad decision by letting Van Gorder and Kirby Smart leave the program. His second bad decision was hiring Willie Martinez and now his third decision to hire Tod Grantham and Scot Lakatos to replace his first bad decision, Smart and Van Gorder. Wow! Richt is a regular Donald Trump of decision making. It was Mark Richts bad decision in the first place!


    • Dawgfan17

      How exactly was Richt supposed to stop Van Gorder from going? Van Gorder wanted to be a head coach in the NFL and decided his best path to that was by moving on and coaching in the NFL. He then took a head coaching job at Georgia Southern (which didn’t turn on so well) and is now a DC in the NFL. Explain exactly what Richt could have done differently to keep him? I think Richt should get a little credit for hiring an unknown like him in the first place. No one knew who he was when Richt hired him and it turned out to be a great hire. It is not often that guys like Bud Foster come along that stay in one place as a coordinator. Richt did make a mistake in promoting Willie but he has corrected that with what so far (jury still out on it) seems to be a good hire.


  10. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Oh Senator, don’t worry! Washaun Ealey and the “experienced” Georgia offensive line will run the ball for you. BOGUS HYPE! This line consistently underperforms against SEC competition. Now they are coming up Lame-O and crippo.

    Vince Dooley would whine and overperform. Mark Richt whines and underperforms.


    • Julie

      Your posts do prove one thing: Wal-Mart needs more supervision of their stock boys.


    • Sparrow

      You hate Georgia so much, why are you even following the team? I have a feeling you’d be a happier person if you were doing pretty much anything else… and we would be too.


    • anon

      The same Vince Dooley who also won 2 SEC titles in his 1st 9 years?

      the one who needed 4 more to win the 3rd?

      the one who sold us down the river for a Sugar bowl when we could’ve played for another National Title in the Orange?


  11. Objective Bama Fan

    Smart is a great coach working under the best tutor in the game.
    He will be getting a good HC job in a major conference next year. Probably Georgia (just kidding)


  12. JaxDawg

    This is truly the strangest and worst thread I have ever seen on here.


  13. Go Dawgs!

    Getting pretty excited about Mr. Georgia Football Leaving.

    Also, I’m pretty pumped about our defense dominating the offense. It’s something that wouldn’t have happened last year, I’m sure. If Grantham’s confusing our offense this badly, it’s not unreasonable to expect him to cause a problem or two for our opponents. When you’re playing yourself, every negative’s also a positive. Which is why I play with myself so much.


  14. ClassicCityDawg

    Doesn’t it kind of make sense to be passing more in these scrimmages. We have two known commodities in the backfield with Ealey and King while we don’t have QB on the roster with any starting experience. Who would you rather see getting more work right now?

    Also, I find it very heartening to see the defense do as well as it has up to this point. If the defense is dominant, even against what amounts to a makeshift OL, then it means they’re picking up the scheme much faster than I had initially hoped.


  15. It takes the offense a bit longer to work out the kinks than the defense. If I were you, I’d be more worried if you were like Bama or Clemson and your defense got slaughtered by the offense. A defense that can’t stop the offense during the first scrimmage of pre-season camp isn’t going to be able to stop any halfway decent offense when the season begins. You guys don’t have anything to worry about, at least not yet.


  16. merk

    Shit…we need to get CTG in here to stop ole Mr. GFR. 3-4 his ass back to the bridge he crawled out from under.


  17. 12-2

    I have a suggestion for IMPROVEMENT

    FIRE Mike Bobo.

    We can only say good things about Georgia Bulldogs’ football in here.

    4 sacks

    2 pass break-ups

    2 fumble recoveries

    0 Touchdown Passes

    “The offense couldn’t get the ball off, getting sacks. We were making plays, tackles for loss. Locking down passes. Doing what the defense is supposed to do. Causing turnovers. All the right things,” Houston said.

    Wide receiver Logan Gray on the offense stalling out in the redzone: “Obviously, when you have an opportunity and you get down there, you wanna stick it in. I think we were thinking about that after practice — we gotta convert.”

    Caleb King 7 carries 18 yards

    Washaun 7 carries 78 yards

    Justin Houston 3 sacks and scored TD after recovering 1 of several fumbles

    Aaron Murray 8 of 20

    0 touchdown passes

    Played against the 2nd team defense ONLY


  18. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Okay, only good things! Tod Grantham’s defense let loose the “Kracken” on the offense’s ass. The defense outscored the offense.(is that good?) The defense is consistently getting sacks and fumble recoveries……we all would like to see more interceptions by the D…..I am only aware of the interception by Ogletree.

    The offense is appearing a bit “pekid” and anemic.


  19. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Okay little Richt Apologists………….go read ecdawgs comments here


    Just in case you had the idea that all was sunshine and roses in DawgNation ($$$):

    He is a blogger and dawg fan that does not “apologize” either.


    • Dude, he didn’t write that, he simply copied a comment from Dawg Chat (!) to show that there are some kindred spirits of yours in Dawgnation.

      Hell, for all I know, you wrote that.

      My favorite part of that incoherent comment? After complaining about the shortcomings on defense and special teams that we all saw over the past couple of seasons, the commenter goes on to ask, “Why do we put up with bad coaching? Why do we put up with poor performance? If you want to be successful in this business, you can’t be Mr. Nice Guy.” Put up with? This guy’s been vacationing in Tierra del Fuego since the Tech game.


  20. 12-2

    Mr. Georgia Football

    I have read your quotes all over the Internet for the last several months now.

    YOU never talk about the offense.

    Just how we have made all these mistakes with the DEFENSE and how sorry our DEFENSE is AGAIN this season.

    Does this sound like an Offensive area of weakness for this team sir ?

    1. Paid DC $750,000 a year
    2. Paid his assistants on Defense even MORE
    3. 11-year NFL veteran DC
    4. 1 yr QB coach at Jacksonville State Offensive Coordinator
    5. 21 fumbles per yr avg last 4 yrs
    6. 14 interceptions per yr avg last 4 yrs
    7. # 96 rank NCAA Penalties last 4 yrs
    8. Failed to sign ANY 2010 in-state offensive all-stars
    9. 38 games of Coach Richt Era no more than 2 TD
    10. Lost 27 of the 38 games no more than 2 TD
    11. # 52 avg NCAA rank Total Offense Coach Richt Era
    12. # 56 rushing offense WITH KNOWSHON Moreno
    13. # 85 Passing offense WITH MATTHEW STAFFORD
    14. 10-10 vs SEC East the last 4 yrs, could be 10-11 LOSING RECORD if we don’t beat South Carolina on road game 2 over then the last 5 years
    15. No SEC Championship game appearance even since 2005, this is 2010.
    16. No QB prepared for 2006, Lost 4 games
    17. No QB prepared for 2009, Lost 5 games
    18. No QB prepared for 2010
    19. 3-8 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams Coach Richt Era
    20. 17-19 Top 25 Final AP Poll teams Coach Richt Era
    21. 8 more losses to NOT Top 25 Final AP Poll teams Coach Richt Era
    22. Lost to 5 of those 8 in last 4 years inside our own division of our own Conference – 5 losses teams NOT ranked Top 25 Final AP Poll last 4 years of FAILED OFFENSE
    23. Every fan in Sanford Stadium booing Mike Bobo play calls.
    24. Coach Richt taking back control of Offense this season from Mike Bobo doesn’t mean CMR thinks Bobo is great, but quite the opposite no matter what lies come from CMR’s mouth on the topic – he demoted him and took charge of the FAILED OFFENSE.
    25. # 3 Fulmer Cup Rankings last 4 years starting 2006
    26. # 1 Fulmer Cup Rankings 2010 today
    27. Redshirted Knowshon so we only got to see best RB in 30 years here at UGA only 2 years
    28. Ripped redshirt off Washaun Ealey the # 13 best RB in the nation last year in the 3rd quarter of the 5th game
    29. Aron White made 3 catches his freshman year, and for this he started until game 12 of our 13-game season, despite the fact that Orson Charles will leave to NFL Junior Year and despite the facts that Orson Charles had 23 catches his freshman year by direct comparison.
    30. Started Caleb King last 5 games in a row despite the fact that Washaun Ealey led The Georgia Bulldogs in rushing.
    31. Aaron Murray has played only against UGA’s # 2 Defense and has not looked good against the # 2 defense. Shudder to think what the # 1 Defense would do to him and this FAILED OFFENSE.

    Any of these 31 right Mr. Georgia Football, sir ?

    According to you Mr. Georgia Football ALL of Coach Richt’s errors have been on the defensive coaching staff


    • Ray

      You still haven’t suggested a replacement…….offer a specific person.


    • I don’t know if that’s meant as criticism, or if it’s the equivalent of Germany and the Soviet Union getting together to demarcate their spheres of control in Europe. 😉


      • The Realist

        Only if the Soviet Union had its hand up Germany’s ass like a puppeteer.

        Is it possible to ban Mr. Football/negative ?/12-2/whatever the hell else he comes up with that makes no sense?