Fun with first week SEC rankings

It’s a kick to look at the first week’s statistical rankings comparison up at the SEC site:

2010 SEC Football
Conference Statistical Ranking Comparison Through games of Sep 06, 2010
Offense                                                                   Defense
Team   Rushing Passing Tot. Off. Scoring Rushing Passing Tot. Def. Scoring
Alabama   3               2              2               5               9              1                  4           2
Arkansas  10             3             6               7               6              3                  3           2
Auburn      1               5              1               2               5            10                10         11
Florida      12            12            12             9                1             7                  5            6
Georgia      9             10            10             1                2             4                  1            4
Kentucky   5              7              7             11             12            5                  7            8
LSU             11            11             11            10              3            12                12         10
M.  State     7             1               3              4                4             6                   6           4
Ole Miss      4             4               5              5              10            9                   8          12
S. Carolina 6             8               8              8                8            11                 11          7
Tennessee  2             9               4              3               7              1                   2           1
Vanderbilt 8             6               9             12             11             8                   9          9

Team     Kick ret. Punt ret. Interceptions Sacks  TFL Turnover Mar.
Alabama  10              7                       3                 9          12             6
Arkansas  6                6                       6                  3           4              9
Auburn     9                4                       6                  1            3             9
Florida      4                5                       2                  6           7             3
Georgia     1                2                       4                  3            4             1
Kentucky 2               11                      6                  6            7             1
LSU            3                 1                       6                  1             1            9
M. State    7                3                       5                  9            9            3
Ole Miss   11               8                       6                  6          10          12
S. Carolina 8              8                       6                  9           11           3
Tennessee 12           11                       1                  9            4            6
Vanderbilt 5            10                      6                  3             1            6

Keep in mind that only Vanderbilt and LSU faced BCS-conference level opposition.  Every other school played down.  Even with that in mind, a few things jump out:

  • Florida’s offense was really, really bad.  Really.
  • So was Ole Miss’ defense.
  • For winning so dominantly, South Carolina came off with some rather pedestrian rankings in comparison to the rest of the conference.
  • I’m surprised at how low Alabama’s sack and TFL rankings are, not that it affected the end result.  How much of that was from Dareus being out?
  • Auburn’s the early class of the conference on offense (not much of a surprise).  Georgia’s the early class of the conference on defense (that’s a surprise).


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20 responses to “Fun with first week SEC rankings

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    What’s the group comparison of Southern Missy and the U of La La?

    Missy better than U of La La?, bout the same?

    Mine is bout the same, but that is, of course, tinged with hope.

    • I would say that a mediocre CUSA team bests a crappy Sun Belt team, but maybe that’s just me.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Yep, you proly right. Just looking for something to cling to. Got a really bad feeling about the Big Chickens.

        Spurrier looked, well, not exactly happy, but he went the whole game without throwing his hat.

        Makes me itch.

  2. Kevin

    How many short fields did we have?

    Bottom third of offense yet number 1 in points.
    I know we had one pick six, but still.

    • Newt

      Boykin gave us a short field on his pick. Mason’s TD pass to Grey came on a pretty short field after a 4th down stop. And Smith gave us really good field position on punt returns.

    • D.N. Nation

      Without going over the numbers, we seemed to start nearly every possession around midfield (before shutting it down late).

  3. NCT

    Fourth nationally in total defense.

    Miami (OH) and UF tied for 22nd.

  4. 69Dawg

    You know UT’s D could be pretty good with the new guy. Didn’t they get the BSU DC??? If he was the BSU DC that not taking a lateral move thing does not apply I guess.

    • The Realist

      Tennessee is not devoid of talent. It’s whether or not they have reinforcements behind the frontline. You’re not going to make it far in this league playing your starters 75 snaps per game, so what is the dropoff in talent from the 1’s to the 2’s (& 3’s)?

      • Will (the other one)

        The Oregon game will tell us a great deal about UT’s depth, and how well the D players respond to the new coach (his BSU D shut Oregon down last year).

  5. Bryant Denny

    Even after one week, still an interesting look.

    Is is just me or is there no breakdown of TFL summarized by team?

    One explanation for Bama’s lack of TFL could be no Dareus or could be just playing a vanilla defense against a team that took only 48 snaps.

    Did you notice South Carolina’s opponent’s third down conversion ratio? If I was a USC fan, that could worry me a tad.

    Have a good day,


    • I would agree with the “vanilla” characterization. I only saw the defense send a true blitz one time and it resulted in a sack.

      Now, do I think our run stopping may have suffered without Dareus? I do.

  6. Mike

    Florida at 12 in yardage was bad. So agreed. But UGA at 9 or 10 was good?


    • Well, Florida at nine in scoring and Georgia at one makes up for that, don’t ‘ya think?

      SHAZAAM! trumped.😉

    • Puffdawg

      Kind of hard to rack up yards when your defense and special teams keep giving you short fields.

      • Mike

        At one time during the Florida game, the Gators had more points, (21), than they had yards (13).

        Find me another team with THAT kind of efficiency!

        I don’t think Florida managed to put together consecutive 1st downs until the 4th quarter. It was a painful, painful game to sit through.

        • Puffdawg

          Trust me, we’ve had plenty more painful ones recently than you have. Here’s to hoping you guys catch us on that front this year!

          I wouldn’t read too much into anybody’s performance last weekend, but I will say it appears maybe UGA and UF will BOTH regress towards the mean from an overall perspective this year.

  7. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Could the offensive line please stay home, you are embarrassing the defense!