Wednesday morning buffet

Thousands served daily…

  • “Spurrier did say Georgia was South Carolina’s premier foe in the SEC East…” Of course he did, bless his heart.
  • Georgia is getting its offensive pieces back this week.
  • Bryce Brown vs. The University of Tennessee?  Bring it on, I say.  Maybe Derek Dooley can do a little pro se work.
  • Boise State is as good as any team in the SEC, but
  • Here’s another reason Florida may have looked so sloppy in its opener:  fifteen true freshmen played, more than any other team in the SEC.
  • Tortured analogy of the day – and in the end, you still need to hit something when you fire, right?
  • A.J. Green remains as puzzled as the rest of us about last year’s celebration penalty:  “I still don’t understand that call. I was trying to get back to the sidelines, but the guys wouldn’t let me get back there. They were lifting me up and then the ref threw the flag. To me, that’s part of the game. It’s an emotional game. As long as I’m not doing anything to taunt the other team, then it shouldn’t be a penalty. I hope they change that rule.”
  • Spurrier utters a few choice words over Willie Martinez’ casket“It’s a typical Georgia team: very good and seem to be playing with a lot more fire on defense than they have last year or two.”
  • Colin Cowherd doesn’t think much of Virginia Tech.


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28 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. UFTimmy

    15 true freshman was the high mark for the country, too.

    Yet Andre Debose couldn’t play because he wasn’t ready, and couldn’t be put in a tough spot. As a redshirt freshman, unlike the 15 true freshman who played.

    Either Debose is a very slow learner or Meyer isn’t telling the whole truth. I know which one history tells us is true.


  2. Anon

    That Mr. SEC piece was was of the laziest things I think I’ve read there.


    • Yeah, I thought so too. Especially considering it was a follow up post.


      • Go Dawgs!

        And since Mr. SEC doesn’t allow reader comments to challenge his opinion, I’ll just do it here.

        Mr. SEC, I would pick Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, South Carolina, and possibly Mississippi State to beat Virginia Tech this year. You brought up the Alabama-LA Monroe game, but you failed to mention the Virginia Tech-East Carolina game that was played a full year later. Alabama got better, but I think VA Tech’s improvement is very much up for debate.

        The fact is, Boise State could score on some teams in the SEC. I don’t think they’d stop very many of us from scoring. I’ll agree with you that UGA-Boise could be a “pick-em” this year… but that’s only if we hold out AJ Green in fear of the NCAA. If he plays, we win going away. Your analysis… well, your pulled-out-of-your-ass opinion, since there was no real analysis… that only Florida and Alabama would be sure-fire picks against Boise State is a joke. First of all, you’re clinging to the idea that Florida’s invincible even though they haven’t demonstrated that they can hang on to the snap from center once the shooting starts. Second, I’m actually with you that Florida beats Boise State, but so would Auburn, Georgia, LSU (because UNC would kill VA Tech), Miss State, South Carolina (I didn’t see anyone in Boise that’s as fast as SC #21), and maybe even Kentucky. Then you get into the range of the “pick ’em” games.

        Oh, and by the way, everyone seemed to make a big deal of the fact that the Boise kids were wilting in the humidity of DC. DEE-CEE, gang. Come on down to Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, or Alabama and see if you guys can make it through a game when the heat’s on. So far, your record’s 0-1.


        • Normaltown Mike

          “The Broncos have recently knocked off Oklahoma, Oregon and Virginia Tech. How many SEC programs could accomplish that feat in a three- or four-year span..”

          Really? Does that qualify as analysis? Let’s take our beloved Dawgs over that same time period (06 – 09). No doubt we all agree that this has been a middling run for us with the exception of half of ’07.

          By my count, our disappointing Dawgs have stacked up a tad better than the Bronco’s against BCS caliber opponents:
          -06: 7 W’s over BCS teams (3 were non SEC)
          -07: 8 W’s over BCS teams (2 non SEC)
          -08: 8 W’s over BCS teams (2 non SEC)
          -09: 7 W’s over BCS teams (3 non SEC)

          No doubt Auburn and LSU can point to similar numbers over a 4 year period.


          • BMan

            “The Broncos have recently knocked off Oklahoma, Oregon and Virginia Tech. How many SEC programs could accomplish that feat in a three- or four-year span..”

            I hear you Normaltown. Let’s see, Mr. SEC. Um, oh yeah, for starters any of the teams from the SEC that have won the BCS title do it. Take Alabama, they knocked off Va. Tech, Florida with the GPOOE and Texas, all in the same year, never mind a 3 year stretch. The year before, UF took down UGA, Alabama (SEC title) and Oklahoma. The caliber of games Mr. SEC touts for Boise State don’t happen over 3 years in the SEC, they happen over 3 weeks, thus the grabbing of our collective SEC crotch and telling the Broncos that they don’t impress us.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Worry about Boise State? Worry about South Carolina?

    Lets see now.

    Va Tech and Boise State have roughly the same record against SEC teams.

    We don’t play Boise State barring a miracle of biblical proportions.

    We do, on the other hand, play South Carolina.

    Maybe we should re-direct our group worry.


  4. Doug

    Interesting that Barrel of Rum would compare Nesbitt’s passing style to a “blunderbuss.” He certainly got the first part right.


  5. Newt

    And the truly unfortunate news to come out of that ABH article – that Mark Jones and Bob Davie will be calling our game Saturday. Kill me now!


  6. 69Dawg

    Da’Rek Dooley = petty little demigod. I guess Barbara spoiled Precious when he was young and when he doesn’t get what he wants he will show you. All he is doing with his inane rules, that were not even in effect when the kid signed on, is demonstrating that if you sign with UT your soul is forfeit. Grow up Precious and act like a caring adult, the kid whats to transfer, kids change their minds.


  7. “This is some calvary [sic] sh** right here. Nothing stationary where the enemy can pinpoint your location. We’re on the move, taking ground at will and firing this baby when necessary…”

    Now wasn’t it just this past Spring that they were all buzzing about how efficient their passing game was and how they had a thousand yard receiver and all?

    Which is it?


    • Scott W.

      Well don’t ask them that unless you want to hear about the arrest record. Facts don’t matter to Bugs, only nasty remarks. It’s cause they’re classy.


  8. WFdawg

    “Spurrier utters a few choice words over Willie Martinez’ casket.”




  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Is corch playing 15 true freshman a good thing or bad thing, or just an excuse? Are they relying heavily on newbees? They have to replace a bunch of starters from last year, replace Strong, and whip 15(!) 18-year-olds into sec shape? I know corch likes to play frosh, but that was spot duty when he had seasoned vets doing all the heavy lifting. 8 fumbles against a team that won 1 game in ’09. Hmmmm. This might turn out to be more challenging for corch than I’d hoped.


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    CDD is digging his own grave with future recruits. If you were a top football recruit would you go to UT knowing the way Brice Brown got treated, particularly in light of the current disarray of that program? CDD is just being plain out vindictive. Brown and his father need to appear on every TV sports show in the country, ESPN, HBO, Fox Sports, etc. and give interviews to every sports magazine and newspaper that will listen. I do not think I see a viable litigation theory here, though.


    • Macallanlover

      As a parent I would be much more concerned about CDD forgiving the “nightclub boot-stomp” on a policeman’s head than any retribution he chose over a punk like Bryce Brown….but that is just me.