“I’m gonna put you in the Auburn store.”


That kid’s gonna have orange-tinged nightmares for a week.

(h/t al.com)


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10 responses to ““I’m gonna put you in the Auburn store.”

  1. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    And a meme is born.


  2. Derek

    Reminds me of a story I heard. In 1989 Bama had to go play at Jordan-Hare for the first time. For decades they had been saved from going to Auburn because the game was always in Birmingham. In any event, the person (a Bammer) telling the story says that they are standing in line at will call behind an elderly man who was an Alabama fan. Meanwhile some Auburn fans start yelling in their direction saying: “Go to hell Alabama! Go to hell Alabama!!!!”

    The old man angrily shoots a look at the Barnies and screams “WE ARE IN HELL!!!!!”

    True or not. That’s damn funny.


  3. DawgnAub

    My 2 year old knows 8 colors, the one traditionally that starts with ‘o’ he knows as ‘ugly’. We’ve lived in Montgomery for years and now in Auburn so we’re surrounded by it. We don’t use the ‘o’ word. I’m gonna make his kindergarten teacher earn her money trying to convince him that color isn’t “ugly”.
    The first time I took my now 7 year old son hunting, he rebuked me asking, “why dad are you wearing that color! I thought we didn’t wear that!” I had to explain that the overintrusive government makes us wear that color for our safety because it stands out, no one in their right mind would ever wear it so makes you stand out.


  4. DawgnAub

    What’s up with the smiley face in the upper right corner of the page?


  5. Ward Eagle

    Aaahhh, yes. Bammer Child Rearin’ 101.

    The kid’s name is probably Brodie SaBear Ledbetter.

    I wonder if they’ve asked Saban to autograph him, yet.