From worse to bad

I know I’m supposed to be upset by the meme of the week, but to be honest with you, things could be a lot more awful than that.  And were, if you’ll recall.

On the other hand, if we see Chris Relf’s name in that space next week, it’ll be time to start freaking out.


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7 responses to “From worse to bad

  1. Ward Eagle

    I get your point, but Chris Relf is *almost* good.

    I’m not sure if he’ll ever be a decent passer, but there’s some physical talent there. And, he’s a hoss.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks, “Todd Talk”

    Butts-Mehre Defense Complex, Underground Bunker

    1010, 22 September 2010

    Mark, having grown weary of those bitching (as Irwin calls them, the media) about the Marks, tells Todd it’s his turn in the box about creating Heisman Trophy candidates and SEC Players of the Week. For other teams.

    Todd smiled and happily accepted the mission because he, unlike the Marks, thinks this is a dream compared to the media blowback on the Cowboys.

    Todd enters the debriefing room.

    When asked about his defense being responsible for the SEC Offensive Players of the Week for the season thus far, Grantham grinned because he could use the same speech from last week and would not have to prepare anything new.

    Grantham said,“I kind of look at it more as a shot at the NFL. I wasn’t really sure if it was because of his lack of success there or not.”

    Spurrier went 12-20 in two seasons with the NFL’s Washington Redskins, in 2001 and 2002. Petrino runnoft from the Falcons.

    “But we actually knew what plays they were running. They actually run that play in pro ball. Our offense actually runs that play too. We’re kind of on top of our game. We kind of knew what was happening.”

    Todd asked if there was a second question. No one said anything whatsoever. Todd smiled, said, “I thought so,” and left the building.


  3. H-Town Dawg

    From the reading the comments made by CMR and Bobo, it seems as if they’re really working hard to place the blame, not on Murray per se, but on “the inexperienced quarterback” meme. I’m sorry, it would be great if Murray could have perfect awareness at all times (and I’m sure that it won’t be long before he does have that awareness of oncoming blitzers) but the bottom line is that his so-called protectors, the line, the running backs, the receivers who couldn’t get open and the coaches who didn’t provide Murray with hot receivers, etc. etc. had an EPIC FAIL on Saturday. They bear the responsilibity for giving up 6 sacks…to Arkansas! The veterans were supposed to take the responsibility off the newbie QB, not ADD TO HIS PROBLEMS!


      • hayduke

        Nice freaking post!
        I for one have hated the “redshirt-freshman-quarterback meme” from the get-go. Murray’s already a good QB, he came to our program like that. Let the kid play ball. It seems obvious to me that the kid likes to check down receivers, and if covered run like hell. What’s the problem here? Run boy run!
        Our O-line play has been awful. Why do we then want to be running our offense from the I, with all the BS play-action? Line this kid up from the shotgun, and Let Him Play Football!!


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh….you mean a few of us are not already freaking out???


  5. shane#1

    Here are my top hates. 1- The word Meme, if it is really a word. 2- Thrown under the bus. What freakin bus? 3-The use of the slang term freakin. 4- The expression “at this point in time”. Just what is wrong with “now”? 5- Omg and lol. 6- Most of all, I hate losing!