Here we go again.

You can do this once, change your mind and get away with it.  But a second time around, especially after a disappointing season?  I’m not so sure.

On the other hand, it would solve the Addazio problem.


UPDATE: This is beginning to sound pretty official.


UPDATE #2: It is.

Dan Mullen, your phone is ringing.



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  1. NM

    As a wise man once said, “Fool me once, shame on me… fool me twice… you can’t get fooled again.”

    This would explain a) why Addazio still has a job and b) why Urban hasn’t exactly been as clear on that point as he could be.

    Here’s hoping…

    • NM

      Actually on second thought, someone on Twitter just reminded me that Dan Mullen is out there. Given that he can beat us with MSU athletes…

  2. King Jericho

    There sure has been a lot of riddle-laced responses from coaches this season regarding offseason moves. Richt with his strategic answer based on staff changes:
    “Am I considering changes on the staff? No.”
    I suppose saying that the people that are going to be here are already here.

    and Urban with his:
    “At this time, I can’t make any statements because there’s so much going on with the profession right now.”
    He can’t comment because he’s not even going to be making the decisions.

    Tricky tricky those coaches are.

  3. Dante

    “You can do this once, change your mind and get away with it. But a second time around, especially after a disappointing season? I’m not so sure.”

    Brett Favre has fewer championship wins than Meyer and he makes a sport out of stepping down only to come back later. Maybe they could do a TV-buying commercial together.

  4. jermaine's dye

    I keep seeing Fred Sanford telling Lamont…”this is the big one.”

    /hoping that IT might be

    //IT being resignation

  5. Ausdawg85

    Goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen, so long. It’s time to go, we bid you adieu.


  6. Section Z alum

    poor corch.

  7. Ol' Ball Coach

    I’m on the road again. Can’t wait to get home again……

  8. East Cobb Devildawg

    If that’s true it could leave the door wide open for Mullen. Come on “promote from within”. Come on adazzio!!

  9. D.N. Nation


  10. bigdawgfan

    Its already on Florda’s official web site.

  11. hassan

    I hear he’s moving to Denver.

    “I wish I knew how to quit you!”

  12. D.N. Nation

    C’mooooooon Kiffin!

  13. Turd Ferguson

    Mullen? Leach? Chris Petersen? Could they get Charlie Strong back?

  14. HVL Dawg

    Meyer = putz

  15. Will (the other one)

    The Wannstache is available…
    Just saying…

    Oh, and the Bills aren’t doing too hot, so if they wait, they could get Gailey. He’s got an NFL resume!

  16. Biggus Rickus

    Leach is available, and he’s perfect for the job if he does say so himself. And he does. Or you can hire someone else and lose, you pansies. No skin off his back.

    • Regular Guy

      Ha! +1

    • Will (the other one)

      I do not want to see Leach and a competent defense together down there.
      Hell, Brantley would be a good fit in that system too.

      • Biggus Rickus

        I don’t think anyone will touch him until the lawsuits are done. I have no desire to see him in Gainesville either. I’d much rather Miami took the Donald’s advice.

      • dudetheplayer

        I think pretty much no matter who they hire, they’re still gonna be a pretty formidable opponent. Foley is a great athletic director and will make a good decision. Hell, they had Zook there and they still managed to beat us.

        We need to not worry about who they get and instead focus on manning the fuck up and playing like we are capable of playing.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Playing devil’s advocate allow me to postulate another theory. It has been my position for years that the real brains at FLA was McGarity (his title was Senior Associate AD in Charge of Football and Basketball Operations”). Foley was the face man who took all the credit. McGarity ain’t there anymore. So I am not as sure as you that Foley will “make a good decision.” In fact, it was Foley’s actions in the last hiring that pissed off Spurrier and assured that SOS would not be going back to FLA. That all worked out because of the Meyer hire, but it just as easily could have blown up in Foley’s face if the new hire didn’t pan out. McGarity is the guy who got Meyer, I believe, instead of a bad hire. In essence, McGarity bailed Foley out. My point is this: Do not assume that Foley will pull a rabbit out of a hat. He just might hire the next Charlie Weis.

  17. Scorpio Jones, III

    Gee whiz, I sure am sorry I said all those bad (but true) things about you Urb.

    Ooops….text from Rainey…..time to cry, bitch.

  18. Brandon

    Urban Meyer and Brett Farve…they’re just two loss souls swimming in a fish bowl

  19. Scorpio Jones, III

    OMG….what if they hire a sane coach. That uses one quarterback at a time.

    Maybe Newton will transfer to Florida.


    Emergency helicopters seen over Myer neighborhood.

  20. Scorpio Jones, III

    OOps…How quickly they forget….Meyer neighborhood.

  21. This is delightful news for this Florida fan. It’s pretty clear Meyer wasn’t into it anymore.

    • Dog in Fla

      Wait until Mark hears from Greg that being into it was a requirement of Jeremy’s and, unfortunately for Mark, is also a requirment of Greg.

    • Bad M

      About the only thing that can spoil this news, is that it makes a Gator fan happy. But only a little bit spoiled. I’m going to be very happy for now (until they announce Mullen’s coming back). Maybe because of the Kiffin backlash, Mullen will stay and they will try to get someone like Gruden…fingers crossed. Maybe they can get Kiffy?

    • dudetheplayer

      You’re a level-headed guy, Mergz, so I will take you at your word…

      But it doesn’t bother you in the least to lose a guy who accomplished what Meyer did in order to dive into unknown waters? Mullen looks like he’s legit (and would probably be a good hire if it were to happen) but you can never really know….

      I mean Meyer OWNED your main rivals and won you 2 MNCs. And he was a hellacious recruiter even when he was taking time off. Losing that caliber of coach would make me a little worried.

  22. Chuck

    He is one spineless individual. One tough season and he jumps ship.

    • heyberto

      My thoughts exactly. Stress while winning – seemed ok. Stress while losing – sucks. Better to jump ship before his ‘legacy’ takes a hit!

    • tduga1

      If so he might actually start winning in Jacksonville.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      There are two Florida alums coaching in the SEC.

      What do you think?

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        One of them was trained at the knee of Charlie Pell.

        • Butthurt is funnier the longer it lasts.

          • Shadrach

            look, Assman, Auburn is one and four against UGA in the last five contests. That ain’t exactly tearing it up considering the only one the ‘Barners won was with a guy that’s a 50/50 shot to be declared ineligible and is as ethical as Charlie Rangel when all the dust clears in a year or two. The best you guys can do is continue to play the Auburn way, dirty has hell.

            You need to go finish your Cammy Cam juice and brush your teeth.

  23. Will Trane

    The return of SOS.

  24. Comin' Down The Track

    When the going gets tough, the tough go “spend time with their families” (until the warmth of the spotlight fades… say, twenty-four hours?).

  25. Bad M

    Who wants to be the next ZOOK? With a FL hotseat that was set on Microwave speed. Can you beat 2 MNC in four years? No? Gone.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Dan Mullen takes the job in a heartbeat if offered. Foley would be crazy not to offer it. That said, I can see a scenario where Foley plays too cute and alienates Mullen like he did Spurrier by telling him he has to “interview” for the job when its not like Foley doesn’t know everything about the guy already. If Mullen does “interview” at FLA that could piss off the Miss State administration and fan base. I know a guy (not a football coach) who had that happen to him and he had to withdraw from consideration voluntarily and very publicly. If not he would have lost all his support. Dilemma? Possibly.

  26. Dawgy45

    Brett Favre.
    Corch Myers.
    The McRib.

    What do these three have in common?

  27. Normaltown Mike

    Does Foley still have Mike Shanahan’s cell phone?

    Just think, he’d get Cam and Fairley to transfer UF and then badmouth Cam as “not knowing the playbook” and bench Fairley!

  28. Dog in Fla

    Irwin gets the Freek on it

  29. Vinings Dog

    I do not know the state of Corch’s health, but he acts very childishly when he loses. At the end of the FSU game, he looked down when he tepidly shook the hand of Jimbo Fisher, not even making eye contact!

  30. Ben

    All this means is that there will be another guy down in Gainesville to smack UGA up and down the field. More and more I’m losing confidence in our staff’s ability to turn it all around, and the fact that there are so many good coaches out there who could win w/ UF’s players scares me to death.

    Here’s to the good times!

  31. Macallanlover

    Would UF go for someone who has never been a HC? Is that Malzahn’s phone ringing? If The aU gets the death penalty there won’t be much football w/o flags attached to the waist played on The Plains for a few years.

  32. Scorpio Jones, III

    Wait a minute here, he’s a Gator alum, got his coaching chops from Charlie Pell, and he definitely knows how to run the high priced spread.

    And, he’s dealt with non-welcomes at the airport, too.

    Chizik seems the logical choice to me.

  33. Go Dawgs!

    Alright, Mark. Here’s your chance. Screw this one up, and I’m not sure anyone’s going to be able to talk the rest of them out of running you out of town on a rail.

  34. M'ville Dawg

    Personally, I’m surprised he didn’t wait until February 3rd.

  35. 69Dawg

    As we all know Urban can’t stand not being the center of attention. So with the 7-5 thing going he had to think of something. 1 Vote for Oregon for number 1 check. 2 resign again but before Outback Bowl so I can get as much attention as possible. Check. 3 Change my mind yet again after bowl.

  36. Macallanlover

    And Chucky makes another appearance as some UF boards say Gruden is already a lock.

  37. Mike

    And now Florida looks for the fourth consecutive coach to have a winning record against Georgia

  38. Stumpy Pepys

    It has been reported that Spurrier departed because Foley insisted on removal of an assistant coach and the OBC would have none of it…could it be deja vu?