Playoff proponents, Jim Delany really doesn’t care what you think.

How do you know that somebody’s a true schmuck?  When he says something you know is true, but says it in such a way that you want to punch him in the face anyway.

Like this.

The Big Ten commissioner insists his conference has already sacrificed much for the good of college sports by giving up some access to the Rose Bowl, and he sees no reason why it should give even more to create a football playoff.

Sacrifice?  I haven’t seen Big Ten schools missing too many meals lately, if you know what I mean.  BCS-era football has been berry, berry good to Delany’s conference.  But I get that he’s tired of being asked to share more with schools and conferences which haven’t put in the same amount of effort to build brand loyalty and market value that his bunch has.

Oh, you want a direct quote?  Here, then.

“Now some of the people who’ve received the most have put in the least,” he said after the panel discussion. He was referring to the five nonautomatic qualifying conferences.

Ouch.  Awaiting a response from Bob Kustra in five… four…

And then there’s this implied threat to the likes of Orrin Hatch:

“All I’m saying is if you think you can continue to pressure the system and it will just naturally provide more and more and more, I don’t think that’s an assumption our presidents, our ADs, our football coaches and our commissioners are necessarily going to agree with,” Delany said during the discussion. “I’m just saying we’ve got fatigue of defending a system that’s under a lot of pressure.” [Emphasis added.]

Translation:  I’m seriously tired of listening to you political bitches moan and groan.  Piss off.

I eagerly await Joe Barton’s snatching up of Delany’s thrown gauntlet.  It won’t be a fair fight.


UPDATE: When Bill Hancock gets irritated, he uses words like “balderdash” and “malarkey”.


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12 responses to “Playoff proponents, Jim Delany really doesn’t care what you think.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I get the feeling Jim Delaney does not enjoy the full esteem of the Blutarsky household.


  2. The Realist

    “But I don’t think you can argue that Boise State has not added to the value of the BCS and has not generated fan support, has not turned on televisions,” Benson said in an interview.

    Really? I suppose, literally, you can’t argue that because to argue something means that there is an opposing point of view, no? ESPN blatantly panders to the Broncos… and ESPN drives the narrative, so in a sense, I suppose Boise State plays a part, but does Boise really turn on televisions? I watched the opener against Virginia Tech, but not because Boise was playing. If Boise was playing Indiana, I wouldn’t have watched. They are not compelling on their own. They are a good, winning football team, but that has little to do with what drives revenue in this sport. It’s about rivalries first and tradition in a close second. Boise has neither of those.



  3. Otto

    Boise has turned on TV sets because many want to see an overrated team fall from the running for the BCS Championship game and those that do nothing but listen to ESPN and elected officials from Utah think they may finally get their chance.

    Either way it is another thing that makes CFB the most interesting regular season in sports.

    Thank you Delaney please keep the playoff out of CFB.


  4. Russ

    Hey Senator, OT, but how about a post or recognition of Pat Hill taking a pay cut at Fresno State? It was a budget move obviously, but I thought it was a nice move by a classy coach. Plus, the mustache!

    Seriously, not sure how much analysis you can add, but it’s at least worth a lunch buffet bit.


  5. Bright Idea

    Slive would never have the guts to say this. I get tired of hearing about Boise St. too. We have to depend on Mark Richt to shut them up from the get-go to start 2011. Will he do it? Can he do it? I hope so and I don’t like hoping.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    You certainly have the right to dislike Delaney….and good reasons for doing so, but it is nice to see somebody who says what they think now and then.

    I wish Mike Slive would actually say something once in a while.

    He has certainly had plenty of opportunity this season.


  7. Scott

    I have always thought that, if the powers that be get too much pressure to go to a playoff system, they would just go back to the old bowl system and have some poll determine the winner.

    It’s either live with what we have now, or we’re taking our ball and going home.


  8. “Giving up some access to the Rose Bowl”? Yeah, the Big Ten has had to miss the Rose Bowl three whole times since the BCS was founded. And one of those is surely offset by 2007, when a three-loss Illinois team got shoehorned into the Rose specifically to preserve the traditional conference matchup.

    Basically, Delany comes off like a corporate VP who made some minor concessions to his employees’ union and is now butthurt that he’ll only be getting a Mercedes S550 company car as opposed to the S600 he’d gotten used to.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    “union and is now butthurt that”

    Is that you, Ward?


  10. Dante

    Ohio State gave up a lot. Twice they were the #1 going into a bowl season. Instead of facing a PAC 10 opponent in the Rose Bowl and having a good shot at preserving their #1 status, they went to the BCS Title Game to get disemboweled by an SEC team firmly ranked #2.