Last game of the season thought

I mentioned in an earlier post that UCF’s quarterback Jeff Godfrey has displayed a knack for getting off to good starts this season, something that could be problematic given Georgia’s track record of being accommodating to opposing offenses on their first drives.  I’ll admit, though, that overall, Central Florida’s offense isn’t particularly scary, as it’s built more for control than running the other team off the field.

The Golden Knights’ defense, however, looks pretty competent.  And before you go dismissing them on the basis of strength of schedule, note that they did a pretty good job against the two BCS conference teams they faced.  UCF held NC State’s offense to its lowest yards per play average of the season, and that by a pretty wide margin.  (NC State is ranked higher than Georgia in total offense in 2010, by the way.) And while Kansas State fared better in that regard, they were limited to their lowest number of offensive plays for the year.

Admittedly, Mike Bobo has more weapons at his disposal today than either of those two schools.  Let’s hope he deploys them wisely.


UPDATE: For what it’s worth, Steele likes Georgia big today.

At 6-6 Georgia has 2 options: either a positive finish or a losing season, which would put added pressure on HC Richt. There is a big talent disparity between these teams and while UCF’s D can potentially slow GA, they will not stop them. UCF’s offense has looked impressive but that was vs CUSA opps and on the year they faced 5 defenses in the bottom 20 and found their success without having to face a D rated in our Top 50. Georgia should win rather impressively here.


One thing worth mentioning that he picks up on – if it’s a close game that comes down to field goal kicking, you have to like Georgia’s chances.  UCF is 10-20 on FG attempts this year, “forcing the Knights to go for it on 4th down a few more times than they wanted”.


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  1. 69Dawg

    It’s not like we have changed anything on offense since George left GT. I have watch UCF several times this year since I live down here, they are a good sound football team that is more than capable of beating the UGA team that played Colorado this year. If we enter the game with our usual sleepwalk in the first quarter it could be a long and painful day.


  2. The Realist

    But, Bobo can coach ’em up to score 30, right? Hopefully Georgia won’t kill themselves offensively in the first half like they have done practically all season. Even if they do, we can still blame the defense. Got to take consolation in something.


  3. Ausdawg85

    Dawgs win big. Nuff said.


  4. Joe

    If we play as disinterested as are basketball team currently is…it could get ugly.


  5. JaxDawg

    Here’s my “gameday” thought:

    I recall a cold and rainy day back in 2000 when O’Leary’s Jackets, led by the slowest white athlete in the NCAA, George Godfrey, took it to a Jim Donnan GA team something fierce. I vividly recall Godfrey taking it about 40 yards to the house as our Defense (all 11, yes ELEVEN starters played in the pros at one time or another) gave pitiful pursuit. We were arguably the most underachieving team in our program’s proud history.

    Now Grantham aside, I feel like I have watched a a re-run for the past 5 years of a defense absolutely STACKED with athletes, NFL caliber athletes, none achieving anything close to their potential, sans 2007. We caught lightening in a bottle that year. And as a team, I feel like we’ve returned to 2000 as I watch a team fuck around with bullshit programs like MSU and Colorado and lose. Fucking lose to teams that stack up to us as Tech did in 2000.

    We had no goddamn business losing that fucking game and now I’m getting a second dose of the same crap. A team fucking loaded with all-world studs underachieve (there are exceptions) as a team. AS A TEAM!

    I want Richt to succeed, but the ghost of the 2000 Tech game remains. A superior talented team that is uninspired and unmotivated will lose every time.

    I’m out. See you next year.


  6. The Realist

    3-3 at the half. The defense is really letting the team down. Bobo is doing the best he can with what he has. I mean its not like he has a top 5 pick and some pretty good other athletes like Durham, TK, & Orson to get the ball to. He’ not a miracle worker.


    • Russ

      Yeah, I couldn’t believe Bobo threw those interceptions. Unbelievable!


      • MACE

        And I couldn’t believe that Murray was calling the hand off to Carlton Thomas on that second and waaaaaayyyyyy long! Unbelievable!

        And, seriously, if points are so important that you don’t want to risk them on a 4th and less than one near the goal line, why are they not so important that you wouldn’t actually try for a 1st down.

        This loss is on Richt. And, although I love Mark Richt and I wish that he could be a great coach because he certainly is a good man, this is not going to improve until he is gone.


  7. dudetheplayer

    Phil Steele has been really on the money regarding Georgia this year!


  8. David

    UCF is playing aggressive and like they want to win. We again are not. Witness the old lady-like call in the 1st Q to kick the field goal on the 2.
    AJ, please stay, Richt please go.


  9. David

    Yes I know both of those are not going to happen….


  10. The Realist

    Oh I forgot. When the offense makes plays, Bobo is clearly responsible, but when the offense craps out it is somebody else’s fault. That sounds about right. Long live Bobo. Death to Grantham.

    This sort of mindset gets you Goff & Donnan eras. Richt doesn’t have it anymore. Whatever fire he had is gone for whatever reason, and the team has completely fallen apart over the past few years despite NFL talent. If it’s not the players, who could it possibly be?


  11. Russ

    Boy, this team really sucks.


  12. Cynical in Normaltown

    We just saw our 2011 season preview…we are doomed.

    Mayor, Cynical, et al., I apologize for being a Disney Dawg.


    • King Jericho

      I’m very close to hopping on this bandwagon too.


      • flukebucket

        I’m about ready to drive the damn bandwagon.


        • Cynical in Normaltown

          Well I’ve seized the reigns and appointed myself Teamster of the lead wagon. We’re resting the horses at the moment but plan on pushin off for Lake Tahoe real soon.

          Meetin’ up with the Donner party where we’ll make winter camp.

          Get your chuck wagons ready. It’ll be a long dry year til Boss McGarity rides in on his white horse.


  13. Carolinadawg

    6 points against a C-USA team. Fire Bobo now!!!


  14. Dolly Llama

    Son of a cocksucking, motherfucking BITCH!


  15. TennesseeDawg

    No one does less with more than Mark Richt. Who the damn hell has an offense drive 96 yards to the 2 yard line a kick a FG on a 4th and 1? Offense good enough to go the entire field but not good enough to gain one fucking yard. Why the hell would any top recruit waste their time playing for CMR? Enjoy our loss to a directional school, CMR, you deserve it.


  16. flukebucket

    That was the most pathetic performance by a Georgia offensive football team that I have seen in a long, long time. I am so glad this season is over. I just wish there was some way I could erase it from my memory.


  17. The Realist

    I was a Richt believer. I wanted him to be the coach, but I just don’t think he has it anymore. Clock management was horrible today just like it has been all year. No improvement, no rays of hope, nothing to hang your hat on but the potential of a recruiting class dream team that hasn’t come to fruition. If Georgia whiffs on Crowell, Drew, Rome, Dickson, et al, then what? What does it say about the state of this program that the only hope for improvement is a bunch of true freshmen?

    I’m just exasperated at this point. Disgusted. Embarrassed. Just pathetic football all year.


  18. BMan

    Somewhere, Pat Dye is laughing as he mutters the phrase, “not man enough,” and he’s not talking about Bobby Lowder. Georgia plays like pussies on both lines, plain and simple. I hope Grantham, Tereshinski and others can fix that, but I don’t think they can as long as Garner and Searls are coaching the lines. And I think it’s about time for Richt to start that ministry program we all know he’s bound for someday.


  19. The Rodfather

    Well I’ll be damned. Finally the D puts together a decent performance and we get this shit. WTF? Mark Richt has no balls. We go 96 yards from the 2 to 2 and we’ve got 4th & very short in a scoreless ballgame so we kick a FG? Way to set the tone for the game there, chief. Hey I know this sounds crazy and everything but how about a JUMBO set? Maybe even with some D linemen or TEs as FBs. FUCK ME. Was it just me or did we seem to run the same unimaginative O that we did early on in the season? And what in the hell was up with Murray bringing the gloves back out? Not that I think it made much difference but it seems odd to pull that for the bowl game. 2nd & 23 & we send Carlton Thomas up the middle & then when that goes for no gain we try to set up the screen for him? Hmm, seems like I’ve seen that before. I’m sure no one saw that coming. Mark Richt has lost it, his time management is absurd. After a change of possession & TV time out in 1st half we call a TO? And the two late in the game where time was stopped because the play went out of bounds and then an injury TO? That game was atrocious. The O line was pathetic – That was the huge difference in this game.


    • Cynical in Normaltown

      Is it possible Murray reinjured his elbow? I’m not trying to run interferance for this dreadful bunch of underachievers, but I recall one deep throw (sideline to King). Everything else was short or intermediate. And the game time temp was 69 if I recall.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The deep throws into the endzone at the end of the game looked like punts. Nothing on ’em. No zip. I think something is wrong with Murray’s arm.


  20. JaxDawg

    There isn’t a single person that can argue, debate, counter, conflict, or reason against my earlier comments (above). You fucking cocksuckers. You supremely talented team fucked around and LOST to CFU. Let me spell that out for you young punks motherfuckers —- CENTRAL FUCKING FLORIDA!

    I was right. DEAD ON. PATHETIC.

    Richt is done. Debate me if you dare. I will fucking crush you.

    We are Donnan 2000. Let Greg McGarity supplant the current abomination with a championship coach and staff. We’re a top 10 job (maybe higher) so let’s get rolling Mr. AD.