Long odds for Tressel?

College coaches who violate NCAA Bylaw 10.1, which requires them to be truthful and forthcoming about possible NCAA violations, tend to have short careers subsequent to the violation.

… Since 2006, the NCAA has sanctioned 27 schools for violating bylaw 10.1, which requires coaches and others to be truthful and forthcoming about possible NCAA violations. Of the 12 coaches involved, only one kept his job. The others either resigned or were fired by their schools.

And things didn’t turn out that well for the outlier there, either.

So Gordon Gee’s tongue bath notwithstanding, it doesn’t look like Tressel’s out of the woods yet.

By the way, Tressel’s no longer confidential source sounds like a beaut, doesn’t he?

… Cicero, who enrolled at OSU after serving in the Marines, has made news as a criminal-defense lawyer.

In 1997, the Ohio Supreme Court suspended his law license for one year because of misconduct. The lawyer led others to believe he was having sex with then-Judge Deborah P. O’Neill, who had appointed Cicero to defend a client in a criminal case.

Cicero ultimately said he overstated his intimacy with the judge and that he and O’Neill did not have sex until she stepped aside from the case. O’Neill also admitted to the sexual affair.

I’m beginning to think there’s a made-for-TV movie in Tatgate when all the dust settles.


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14 responses to “Long odds for Tressel?

  1. fuelk2

    Taking a different angle, it’s funny that a scumbag like this knew this was worth blowing the whistle over, yet Tressel somehow did not.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I cannot remember a time when there were this many big public scandals going on at once in college football. I’m tallying (i) Cam Newton at Mississippi State and Auburn, (ii) Mike Leach/Texas Tech, (iii) Oregon and the recruiting consultant, (iv) North Carolina’s South Beach Boys, and (v) Ohio State. My memory goes back to about 1970.

    It’s probably no coincidence that college football is a bigger money sport now than any time in its history.


  3. Texas_Dawg

    I cannot remember a time when there were this many big public scandals going on at once in college football.

    And yet one of the most destructive practices, that of lying to recruits and players and their families and kicking them off teams or out of school simply for getting hurt or not beating out a few other players at their position, is totally legal.

    Paying young adults for their participation in a violent sport that produces billions of dollars for the schools and businesses: bad.
    Lying to them and kicking them out of school: meh.

    Good times.


    • Puffdawg

      If a player takes a “medical hardship,” do they pull his scholly and he no longer can go to school for free? Or does does he stayed enrolled with schooly but it doesn’t count against 85?


      • Gravidy

        The latter.


      • Texas_Dawg

        The latter.

        But with rosters of 85, which is more than enough to absorb injuries and busts and still field competitive teams, most coaches and schools reward student-athletes who have been injured playing for free in a violent sport the right to choose to stay with their teammates as full members of the team. Let them experience Senior Day, etc. They don’t look to exploit such situations by forcing the players off the team.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Made for TV? Heck, this is big screen stuff like a Coen Brothers “O Gordon Where Art Thou?” with Pee Wee Herman in the role of Gordon, a computer reanimated Lawrence Welk as Tressel with Cicero and the former Judge playing themselves and with each other

    Click to access 2004-ohio-4704.pdf


    Click to access 2002-Ohio-7477.pdf


  5. AlphaDawg

    Ah, a Marine bragging about a sexual conquest…say it ain’t so…


  6. Russ

    The likelihood of Tressel and OSU facing further sanctions is about the same as Paul Johnson being invited to the royal wedding. Ain’t gonna happen.


  7. 69Dawg

    OSU in a show of getting tough has added sanctions to Ole Sweater Vest. He will be suspended for Spring Practice and summer vacation.


  8. Keese

    I’d like to hear Herbie’s spin


    • Vinings Dog

      He’s probably saying that regarding tOSU, Michigan players should get a chance to have free tattoos, but next year, when LSU has the same problem, only a school that won its conference should have players get free tattoos……….