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3 things I’d like to hear walking out of the Dome tonight.

(In no particular order)

“Man, that was fun!”

“It looks like we’ve got ourselves a running back again.”

“Grantham’s a pretty good coach.”

And your choices would be?


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State of mind

Despite (or is it because?) having no clue about how this Georgia team will perform this season, I find myself approaching the opener more excited about what’s about to come than I can remember being in a while.

Win or lose, I hope what we see tonight is a program that finally has learned from its mistakes and realizes what it takes to be top-tier on a sustained basis.  Show me that, and I’ll leave the Dome feeling good.

A win wouldn’t hurt, though.



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BCS busted.

True ‘dat.  And if Boise goes down tonight, that leaves a smoking crater where a goodly chunk of ESPN’s mid-season narrative starts to kick in.  Unless you think BYU or Houston is ready to step up as the new mid-major glamor boy.


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