Harbor no illusions.

Richt’s right about one thing:

“And you know, a game like this there’s no question we know more about our football team than if we had played somebody that we would have beat by 40. So hopefully that will translate to us having a better idea of how to play in these types of games, and help us to see where our weaknesses are.”

Better what we saw last night than the false optimism that came out of last season’s opener.  At least this time around, these coaches and players should come out of it with an early grasp of what’s lacking.

Speaking of weaknesses, nothing scares me more right now about the South Carolina game than the right side of Georgia’s offensive line.


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  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Was that before or after Coach Richt started laughing in the press conference?

  2. DawgFaithful

    Well put Senator. Did you see Clowney running all over the field for Carolina last night? We have a grand total of 2 LEGIT linemen on the team. Glenn and Jones. Glenn, the “Senior Leader” had at least 2 false start penalties last night. And you’re right, the right side of our line cannot block a soul.

    • baltimore dawg

      you’re being generous. i saw both of these guys (but especially jones) getting tossed around all game. now if you mean they’re the best of what we’ve got, then i agree. but we got shit for o linemen.

      • DawgFaithful

        They are the highest rated players at there positions in next years NFL draft. Definitely the best we have.

        • baltimore dawg

          sure, and pre-season nfl draft projections are always reliable indicators of performance. . . .

          it’s not subject to debate that they both got their asses whipped last night because that shit’s on video. watch it again and tell me how good they are.

          • Normaltown Mike

            ‘Mel Kiper rates Quentin Moses the best Defensive End in College Football…”

            • Xon

              Moses was good. Wth kind of comment is that?

              • Normaltown Mike

                Not trashing him, trashing pre-season NFL projections as a measure of performance..

                • Cojones

                  From DawgFaithful on down, you have all put a big finger on our O problem. That line looked like a hand with one finger outstretched and we asked Boise to pull it. A lot of noise and odor and not much else, but it certainly was not funny.

        • mdr

          I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I need you to back that statement up with a link. Glenn is playing left tackle for the first time this year since pulling some fill-in duty in 2009. Are you seriously telling me that he’s the top rated left tackle for next year’s draft? Or is he rated as a guard? Because if so, that does us no good when he’s playing tackle.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    Let’s be honest. We all know what’s going to happen. We will tank again uSC, Florida and the usual suspects and beat the weaker teams. We will lose at least 4 maybe 5 games and we’ll get the usual line about how we improved. We’ll go to a minor league bowl game where we will get beat and Richt will be back next year and we will look exactly the same again.

  4. Scott W.

    Sure, instead of false optimism from a cupcake we issue a template on how to hand the Dawgs their ass.

  5. Keese

    South Carolinas dline is going to manhandle our Oline. They’ll be running wide open and in Murrays face all day libg with a 4 man rush.

    • Bulldog Joe

      That D-Line gave up 37 points to a team much worse than Boise State.

      • Merk

        I am pretty sure that SC team was preparing for UGA all off season. They prob looked at ECU on Thurs and Fri. They knew they had Lattimore and they could just ride him if they stalled. They did not expect to have several early turn overs and 3 n outs. Thus their D got the short end like ours.

  6. Bulldog Joe

    Well, which would have been worse…

    Losing to the opener to Boise in someone else’s uniforms while everyone else was watching the LSU game – or – losing the opener to Charlie Strong and Louisville between the hedges?

    • Cojones

      Point taken, but I will reiterate; Don’t think we will be playing anyone of Moore’s caliber again this year. When you have honed your game to passing to a spot 5yds ahead of the target and only 3-4yds behind our D line, you have practiced that routine longer than just this summer. It can’t be stopped nor anticipated. No other QB in the land can do that with Moore’s consistency.

      • mdr

        The only way to stop a passing attack like Boise’s is to get pressure on the QB. We rushed 3 and 4 guys all night, almost never got in his face, and he picked apart our zone repeatedly.

        Moore is very good at what he does, there is no denying that, but when you let him sit back there comfortably all night he will look like Joe Montana.

        • Cojones

          He didn’t sit back comfortably, he threw the ball in 2-3seconds or less and before we could get to him. Several times players got straight shots and he got the ball off when the tackler was within one step. He got hit several times immediately after the ball left his fingertips. He relesed too fast to make a play. That’s why he is Heisman material.

          • mdr

            I stand by my statement. After watching the replay, here’s what I came up with.

            In the first quarter, we hurried Moore twice, and knocked him down once. One of the hurries, as well as the knockdown, came in blitz situations.

            In the second quarter, we knocked him down once. That was, once again, the result of a blitz, which led to an interception.

            In the third quarter, we had ONE hurry and no knockdowns.

            In the fourth quarter, we had ONE knockdown, from a blitz again, and no hurries.

            So, over four quarters, we had 3 hurries and 3 knockdowns. That is six QB pressures, four of which came from us blitzing.

            The other way to disrupt a timing offense like Boise runs is to jam the receivers at the line as much as possible. Moore is throwing to a spot on the field, more often than not, and we were allowing the receivers to reach that spot all night. Our coverage guys were backpedaling over and over again at the snap. Combine that with no pressure, and it might as well be a scrimmage.

  7. Since there are no illusions, we know Sakerlina will hand ’em their asses. Also, Mississippi State. The road trip to Tennessee is now in question. Florida is a definite loss. Auburn? I see 6-6 again. I know the SEC season starts next week, but the team is not going to change in six days. They are what they are. They weren’t holding back against a top five team on national tv, where they?

    New Mexico State, Western Carolina, at Ole Miss, at Vandy, Georgia Tech, and at Tennessee or Auburn. 7-5, tops. So, let’s all take a deep breath. Assume this season is a waste and focus on having a good time tailgating, drinking, discussing new coach possibilities, drinking, eating, and drinking. And maybe watching some other team in our spare time to be reminded that it is possible to play at an elite level when well coached.

  8. 69Dawg

    I say we have a prayer meeting for Arron because that young man is going to get the beating of his young life next week. Leave the kids at home because the DLine of SCU is going to punish AM. IF Bobo does not roll him out he will be knocked out in the first quarter. Get Hutson ready because he’s going to play. Our OLine is just unbelievable. BSU faked some blitzes but never brought more than 5 and usually only 4. They did stunt which is a foreign concept to UGA. I have followed some of these playas on tweeter and they are just like their coaches they talk a good fight but their butts can’t back up their mouths.

    • Cojones

      Don’t leave the D line and inability to wrap up tackles out of this. If they are bouncing off players rated well below Lattimore you had better look for another single game rushing record. I’m angry at Grantham for letting us believe the D is good and tougher than before. However, I believe that they will show much better vs SC because no one releases the ball as fast as Moore. The players that got to him one step before his release will have QB sacks against other teams. All is not lost, but I am standing with my arms crossed and one toe tapping rapidly while watching the D next week.

  9. FisheriesDawg

    My question is who he believes we could have beaten by 40 last night? Valdosta (I mean the high school, not the state university)?

  10. Dog in TN

    Did anyone notice the teams with good O and D lines won their games? Without Great QB’s?
    I wonder if that message will ever get to this staff? How can Al and LSU continually put together lines that are mean and tough year after year? We sure as hell don’t.

    • Cojones

      Agreed and with the staff in general, not individual targets. Above all, I blame the players as a group because that’s the way we should play, as a group. Play like a group of mean Jack Davis sumbitches, not one or two that play the game. As much as it pisses us off to say so, we should have learned this from Boise last night. If you can’t learn from your failures then you won’t ever learn.

      C’mon Dawgs, pick your sore asses up and get serious with who you are.

    • Merk

      How the hell does a team score 30 pts when the QB completes 10/22 passes for 100 yrds. Seriously. This is what makes me hate Richt. Not losing, but watching other teams do great when one part of the team blows . When part of our team blows the rest goes with it. No Dline, not secondary, no Oline, I would say no running game, but I think Crowell might be good.

  11. Will Trane

    Colquitt County High School, Lowndes High School, and Valdosta High School could have put up points on the Dawgs. And each probably on a good night could have nailed last night’s team.

    Cherry pick the coaches on those staff and let them coach the Dawgs. You’d see a much better game. Ask Mitchell, Gillard, and Ward.

  12. View From The Bench

    Last spring I posted that the dawgs should move Orson Charles to wide-out, Mitchell to wide-out, Brandon Smith to slot, IC in backfield, and Christian LeMay at quarterback. It would give the best chance to make something happen on offence without any blocking up front. The Ole Miss game will tell where the dawgs are, expect a close game, but not necessarily a win.

  13. Just plain and simple disgusting performance by the Team. Boykin alone cannot win that game although he could probably have done it from the backfield.

  14. SCDawg

    I’m thinking we need to charge the SC’s D-line rent because they’re going go be living in our backfield next week. Still cannot believe how badly our o-line was getting tossed around last night. SC’s defensive line just scares me now. We have no one who can hope to block Clowney on any play.

  15. Will Trane

    I’m optimistc about the O line against USC. Hard to believe they can play that bad two games in a row. But they had company on the entire offensive side.

    Remember this past off season about how the Dawgs faded in the fourth and the S&C would change that. I guess that is why we had the ball for just over 4 minutes in the 4th and Boise owned the rest. They doubled our time of possession in the fourth. Plus, the Dawgs no drives the entire game. Had some plays for long distance. Three of them. 131 yards of rushing the ball. And 80 came on one play. 30 rushes for 51 yards. That will get it done. Will some coach tell #11 to quit holding the ball, and it if is not there to make sure to get rid of it so we do not get taken out of a decent shot at a FG.

    • Cojones

      The posts on here are beginning to look like some fans have begun to analyze and target the problem. I warned before the game that coaches can’t play the game so pull the individual criticisms. With few exceptions, this loss is on the player’s backs. I have faith that they can change that and we all will be looking for it to happen next week, not next month.

      Realized that I had not looked at rushing totals and most certainly was going to subtract the 80 yds leaving us with a disaster at O line. Never felt this way before, but instead of the O line just having a bad game, we are now looking at a problem O line that can’t block shit.

  16. Dawg Vent

    “Fire Mark Richt”
    –Dawg Vent 2008-2011

    Told you so.

  17. Ken

    The way this game was coached was liking watching my son play GA vs Boise State on EA Sports NCAA 2012 and I am not kidding.