Observations from the Dome: the morning after

There was much that sucked last night, obviously.  But as somebody trying to keep track of what was going on, let me just say that nothing sucked bigger than those jerseys.  I’m not talking about aesthetics; the numbers were difficult to pick up, especially at the other end of the field.  And not having the players’ names on their backs made that even worse.  Back to the drawing board, Nike.

Given that, I’m sure there was plenty I missed that I’ll try to pick up when I watch the DVR of the game.  Feel free to fill me in with your comments.

  • I thought the reason Richt elected to take the opening kick after winning the coin toss was that Bobo had scripted and honed, if not a good opening series, at least an excellent first play.  Two Bean Anderson false start penalties later, I realized I’d been had.  And not deferring really came back to bite Richt in the ass when the Broncos went on their mid-game run.
  • I suspect that Herschel Walker would make a better running back than Richard Samuel right now.
  • Did Tavarres King play last night?  How ’bout Cornelius Washington?
  • Bobo’s game plan was bizarre, to say the least.  It seemed like for much of the game, the offense played away from its strengths – speed and size advantages – and instead played right into the best part of Boise State’s defense, its line, which was everything it was billed to be.
  • I’m not sure how critical to be about Grantham.  Once Boise got going, he didn’t seem to be able to come up with an answer to the space all that shifting and movement opened up in the intermediate passing game.  And it seems like he still hasn’t figured out how to defend the veer/option stuff Florida hurt him with last year.  On the other hand, the defense clearly looked gassed by the end of the first half because the offense did so little to keep the D off the field.  The pass rush was almost non-existent.  But Boise had little success running the ball up the middle.  Call it mixed results.  I expect more from one of the highest paid coordinators in the game, though.
  • I finally thought of one area of improvement over last year, by the way:  Georgia’s third-and-long defense was much better.  Unfortunately, those situations were few and far between.
  • Early impression of the new S&C regime?  Meh.
  • Meh is also a pretty apt description of Murray’s game.  Yeah, his line did him few favors and his receiving corps pretty much boiled down to two-and-a-half players, but his throwing in the first half was erratic and for a player who claims the game has slowed down for him, he sure missed finding his share of open receivers.  And he seems beyond reluctant to take off and run, even when presented with a clear opportunity to do so.
  • Good game, Jarvis Jones.
  • Welcome, Malcolm Mitchell.  Gee, you’re fast.
  • Almost forgot to mention it, but Alec Ogletree’s injury didn’t help matters.
  • Lots of slipping and sliding on those cleats, especially early.
  • It was hard to judge Crowell last night, given that he didn’t get much help from his offensive coordinator or his offensive line.  But between him and Samuel, he’s clearly the better option running the ball.
  • Special teams weren’t worthy of the lofty preseason respect, for the most part.  Boykin didn’t have much in the way of blocking.  Walsh pulled his one long field goal attempt.  The punt return team gave up a long one (aided by what looked like a block in the back to spring the return man).  On the other hand, kickoff coverage was pretty consistent and Butler looked good.

Overall, I think I’d sum up my impressions with one simple thought:  nine months of preparation for that?  It was pretty clear which group of coaches made better use of their preseason preparation.  In short, it was a very underwhelming start to what may turn out to be Mark Richt’s swan song in Athens.


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96 responses to “Observations from the Dome: the morning after

  1. Carolinadawg

    Bobo must be relieved of his duties as OC. Anyone who disagrees either knows nothing about football, or hates Georgia. Yes, I said that. He is indefensible at this point. (no pun intended)

    • DawgFaithful

      Its easy to just blame Bobo and yell replace him. You probably heard your Dad yell that and jumped on his bandwagon. I thought Bobo did ok other than just a couple of calls. You’re never going to agree with every call that someone makes. I’d be more inclined to agree with you if you actually give me examples from last night as to why you think Bobo should be fired rather than just declaring it with no factuall evidence. Because at this point I wonder if you know anything about Football.

      • The other Doug

        Perhaps you could enlighten us with some factual evidence as to what Bobo did right.

        • A Different Jim

          I agree Bobo is an idiot. Lately it seems there are a small number of Bobo supporters working the boards to say he is not the problem. Is their plan to have Kirby Smart become the new coach and keep bobo. Any new coach would take a look at the film of our big games and see he is in way over his head. Our quarterback made a comment a little over a week ago that he and Bobo had just started preparing for Boise. Turns outs it was a little late.

          While we are criticizing the defense, isn’t anyone going to mention the defensive line coach for his share of apparently poor coaching?

      • Carolinadawg

        Save the snarkiness, sport. My father is 86 years old and doesn’t watch much football. Bobo’s shortcomings are plainly obvious to anyone and everyone. You’re either a troll or just like to argue. Have a great day.

    • Gamecock Fan

      Mayben Bobo was a graduate of South Carolina

  2. Chadwick

    I’ll give Grantham a pass. He’s playing with the deck stacked as Bobo has no clue about down and distance football, and scheming to attack a teams weaknesses. No defense is going to hold if they’re on the field 75% of the snaps as evidenced by the disparity in the first down numbers.

    What I can’t believe is that ‘Tree goes down and they plug in walkons. Thank you Willie and Jancek.

  3. PatinDC

    For me the only good thing was the fact that the uniforms were so bizarre that it was like I was watching a different team. It seemed to sting less.

  4. Fuelk2

    I don’t mind the loss, but we have very little to be optimistic about given that performance.

  5. Turd Ferguson

    I really, really, really thought that a DL with Geathers and Jenkins could be disruptive enough for blitzing LBs to get in Moore’s face. That happened only twice, I think. And sure enough, on those two plays, Moore was 0/2, with an INT. But the rest of the game, Moore could stand there and find the open receiver. I think our secondary is better, but not good enough to handle that kind of pressure. I’m not ready to give up on the defense just yet. But that DL really has got to improve.

    The offense was just completely inexcusable. I’m still stunned by how unprepared we looked. And if our OL really is that bad, it’s not going to get any better for Murray, Crowell, and the receivers.

  6. GeorgetownDawg

    Since several fans pointed out a quirk of Bobo’s play calling last season, I’ve been paying attention to second down after a first down pass incompletion. It was apparent both last season and last night that after nearly every first down pass incompletion, Bobo called for a run up the middle. Each time that situation presented itself last night, I turned to my wife and said “if Bobo calls for a run up the middle I’m going to scream.” I did a lot of screaming.

    • DawgFaithful

      You’re supposed to run on 2nd down after a incompletion on 1st down. It makes for a more manageable 3rd down pass. Its when he runs it up the middle on 3rd and 10 that was a problem last year. Do you know anything about football? Georgia is a running team . We cant throw it on everydown. Bobo did fine I thought. Murray had no time to throw the ball.

      • Anti Orange

        I disagree and I know a lot about the game. Since they and everyone in the stands knows what’s coming, we rarely end up in third and short (<5 yards let's say). So what's more manageable between 3rd and 10 or 3rd and 8 or 9?

        I am not saying to always pass on that second down, but your point is so BOBO-esque. Always run on second and 10 after an incompletion, yada yada yada.

        At that point, might as well mix it up on 2nd and ten also. There really is no advantage to gaining a yard or two. That leaves either the stress filled, error prone third and long or the — wait for it — third and long delayed draw!! Goodie, we get to use our bread and butter to get 3-5 more yards. Might as well run Carlton Thomas up the middle on third and long. What? We do that alternately each time as well??? HMMM. Guess we can always punt on 4th and 4.

        I think Georgetown Dog may know a bit more than you are giving him credit for. BTW DawgFaithful, Don't be such a condescending jerk to other posters.

        • MinnesotaDawg

          Agree completely. It’s like our playcallers use a manual from 30 years ago called “How to Call Plays” for new little league coaches as their playcalling touchstone. As you point out, the “run it on 2nd and 10” justification is dubious at it is, but when everyone knows what’s coming, you simply waste one out of three downs.

        • DawgFaithful

          Whats more manageable? 3rd and 8 or 3rd and 10? What do you think dumbass? Youre 2 yards closer. I’d say thats easier to convert. Incomplete on 1st = run on 2nd. Its extremely common. It makes sense. It might not result in 3rd and 8 or 9. You might rip off a 5 yard run or more. Its called football. Predictability? You dont think throwing on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down is predictable? I wouldnt be such a condescending jerk if I didnt have to read the opinions of a bunch of old idiots that dont know shit about football.

      • boldspringsdawg

        Bobo did fine? What game were you watching? He doesn’t have a creative bone in his body, He is so predictable most fans and certainly 90% of DC’s can guess what he willl call next. I have held out in support of CMR for a long time and have resisted placing the blame solely on his shoulders. I have to say he’s lost my support. That was a pathetic excuse for a football team last night.

      • Bah.

        The problem wasn’t run/pass, per se. The problem was that we completely went away from the formations that emphasized our biggest position advantage (TE). We’ve got 1 future NFL star and 2 other very good TEs, plus a 260lb former TE at fullback. But rather than utilizing some 2 & 3 TE sets, running some toss sweeps w/ Figgins leading Crowell to the edge, where he can use his natural vision & running ability, we spent the ENTIRE 1st half in the shotgun, with a single back set, and alternated running up the middle, with no lead blocker, into the strength of the Boise DL (which was starting 4 seniors) and asking Crowell to do the 1 thing he’s never had to do before: pick up blitzing LBs.

        In our 1st possession of the 2nd half, we finally lined up in the power I & threw it to the TE. After that worked for big gains 3 straight plays & got us into Boise territory, we immediately ditched that plan & went back to the shotgun. A incomplete pass, a stuffed run up the middle & a sack later & we ended up settling for a long FG attempt, which we missed.

        Sorry, but that was a bad an offensive gameplan as I’ve ever seen.

        • hailtogeorgia

          Literally could not agree with this more. Why were we in the gun for what seemed like the entire game?

        • DawgBitten

          agreed. play-action is Murray’s strength, and with the tight end mismatches we can create there is no reason not to run at least half you plays from the power set. I almost got the feeling that Georgia tried to run that hurry-up-and wait spread attack Auburn ran last year, but we don’t have the skill players for that.

  7. Seriously

    You have to hand it to Richt. He’s the Gianni Versace of college football coaches. He could be focused on recruiting, preparation, and execution. Heck, he could be focused on assuring his players only drive with legitimate licenses or making them avoid scooters altogether. But no. The dawgs are first runner up to the Oregon Ducks in the uniform beauty pageant, “trying too hard” division.

  8. TennesseeDawg

    Line play was pathetic. Samuel is the epitome of “looks like Tarzan plays like Jane”. He tiptoes to the line of scrimmage and falls down as soon as someone breathes on him. Can’t believe after 9 months of prep, constant lauding of how things are different, blah, blah ,blah they come out and look exactly the same.

  9. DawgFaithful

    New S&C program? Offseason bullshit as usual. If we were so conditioned, why were we having so much trouble with cramps? Boise seemed just fine inthat department. Carolinadawg, I avtually thought Bobo did a good job calling plays. 2 false starts and a delay of game on the first drive is not his fault. To me it was pretty much they same story as last year. We got whipped up front on Defense and offense. Kellen moore had all day to throw and Murray was running for his life(and holding the ball too long). Sound familiar? They were a more mature, more disciplined team with 22-23 year old men. We have 18-20 year old kids and 2 fucking walk ons out there. John Jenkins looks like a dumbass wearing that #6. I could go on forever. Better pull it together before next week. An 0-2 start looks very realistic at this point.

  10. hodgie

    The one that still blows my mind is how we marched the field in the I then abandoned it for the shotgun. I believe that was the first drive of the second half. Also,I saw a lot of diving kin the ground and calling that tackling. I didn’t drink the kool aid but I did expect to see all areas at least a little improved. I don’t think one facet of the team looks better.

  11. The other Doug

    Richt kept Bobo after last season even though we all knew his play calling and game prep were suspect. Now, Richt has to deal with it. There is no talking around how awful that plan was.

  12. DawgFaithful

    maybe Grantham should call up his old buddy Nick Saban and ask him:
    1: How do you get pressure on a QB.

    and 2: How do you stop a wide open receiver running un touched and uncovered across the middle of our zone. What ever zone defense that was needs to be scrapped. I would have like to see ore man-tman myself. They gashed us over the middle all night.

  13. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Time for everyone to wake up and smell the coffee. Mark Richt is stealing money. Yes, he is a phenomenal human being, and really does things the right way, but he is not giving the effort that $3 million a year deserves. Don’t want to call him a con artist, but they did bamboozle us again with the off-season jibber jabber. I cannot imagine that next week will be very competitive. I hope that all the suckers will stop shwoing up in Athens, as apparently that is the only way that the administration is going to get it. For well over two seasons we have been more poorly prepared than Donnan’s worst seasons, and we are really approaching Goff-dom. It’s bad. really, really bad.

    • Ray

      I don’t dsiagree with your overall point but to say that he is stealing money is a little on the rediculous side. Overpaid, maybe…..but when two parties willingly sign a mutually agreed upon contract it is not stealing.

  14. hopeless

    same story wait till next year if we want too force change we have to stop the flow of money to the football program. STOP donating to the hartman fund

  15. Zero Point Zero

    Senator you are a brave man to want to watch that train wreck again on DVR. I wish I hadn’t seen it the first time. On a side note, the lack of names made that shitty uniform even shittier than I thought possible. Thanks Nike. Damn I’m angry!

  16. heyberto

    I think the most disappointing thing is that we are still a work in progress, with little evidence of improvement in the basics. Hope there is something positive on the horizon.

  17. The other Doug

    A couple more points:
    Boykin took at least 2 kicks out of the endzone all the way to the 15. Smart.
    Tavares King dropped 3 passes.
    Y’all probably know TK as nameless #12 from last nights game.
    Malcome Mitchell looks really good.

  18. Erk Rolling In His Grave

    Can anyone tell me what CMR has done since 2005? He is basically hanging his hat on his first 5 years with the program, but it is clear to the die hard Dawg fans that he has to go. He gets out coached majority of the games we have played in the past 5 yrs and looks clueless on the sideline

  19. baltimore dawg

    i told my wife at the end of the first quarter that if i were grantham i’d have both my hands around bobo’s throat choking the shit out of him for using up my defense. but maybe that’s why he was in the booth in the first place.

    we are dumb beyond comprehension (i’m sorry, but the jury is in on richt: that low-temperature, dispassionate demeanor isn’t quiet calculation–it’s imbecility).

    there is no reason outside of “anything’s possible” to believe that this team can improve under current conditions, but that’s just hoping against hope. at this point, the only thing i’m going to draw any hope from is a completely new coaching staff, football philosophy, and attitude from the top down. i sure as hell don’t think we’re going to get that from what we see on the field.

  20. Ray

    Senator, after most loses I usually avoid the web for a few days bc I am so ticked off
    . On the flip side I cant read enough Dawg articles after a win. Do you usually see a drop off or increased traffic after a lose?

  21. Keese

    Grantham was quoted in post game as saying he wasn’t too concerned with the pass rush. Well that was pretty obvious since we would much rather give a guy like Kellen Moore time to throw down the field while we are playing walk ons and true freshmen.

    Crowell and Mitchell I thought looked great despite Crowell not getting much from the line to work with.

    Bobo is just randomly selecting plays in the playbook it appears. No intermediate passing game. He’s never seems to find a teams weakness and exploit it.

    Mark Richts call for a punt when we are down by three and Bobo runs a draw play on the play before? What the he’ll was that? And what happens if we didn’t covert that 4th & 2 with a long pass play? Geesh… And Murray needs to get his head together for these big games

    I’m not giving up on this season yet. There are still some things I hope to see develop positively as the season wears on.

  22. Jeff

    For me it was very simple we got whipped on both sides of the line. I really have no problem with Bobo no OC will be succesful without and OL. I don’t the nose guard was by BSU’s undersized center no double team was required. Moore was much better than Murray.

  23. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I keep thinking about Richt’s comments immediately after the 2006 Auburn game, when he said he looked at his offensive game plan the night before, realized it wasn’t very good, and didn’t know what to do about it.

    Even then, I thought it was a startling admission. In retrospect, it appears to have been a harbinger of things to come.

  24. Steve

    Can we at least acknowledge that this loss came to the #5 team in the country? People accuse our fanbase of being delusional, and part of me thinks that’s justified. Yes, we lost, but we lost to a fantastic team whose area of strength – DL – played right into our biggest area of weakness – OL. And I haven’t even mentioned Kellen Moore yet, who was as good as advertised.

    Does this mean I’m not frustrated? No. There are a lot of things that need work, many of which have already been harped on. But this wasn’t Utah State that took us to the wire. And to be cliche, it wasn’t “2005 Boise State” either. Let’s take our medicine, improve, and give South Carolina all they can handle next week.

    • mdr

      Yes, the strength of their team is the DL and yes, the OL is one of our (many) weaknesses. So, riddle me this, why the hell did we keep insisting on running the ball UP THE DAMN MIDDLE?!?!?!?

      The one advantage we (should) have over Boise is more athletes, top to bottom. Yet we ran a game plan that did NOTHING to exploit that advantage.

      As for Moore, yes he is very good. However, its not hard to look good when the opposing defense gets almost no pressure on you and the middle of the field is always open.

      • Cojones

        Don’t take this wrong, but didn’t you see the numerous plays where Crowell headed for the middle, saw it was blocked and jogged outside to open field? And didn’t you see the Boise LBs, untouched or unblocked, swiftly close ground and hold the outside runs to 2-4yds/ try ? Because they were that damned good. They were as good as we thought we were.

        • mdr

          Yes I did. The plays you are referring to were designed to go to the middle, right into the supposed strength of their defense.

          The linebackers were unblocked because the runs were designed to go up the middle. Crowell tried to create space for himself, because our gameplan wasn’t giving him any.

          The gameplan was flawed from the jump. Not to mention the fact that we still have ZERO discipline as an offensive unit. Two false starts and a delay of game to start the game. Not exactly the marks of a fine tuned offense.

          • Cojones

            And Crowell didn’t blindly go into the middle on every planned play. He’s a runner and picks his lanes, so no matter how many times you call for up the middle it doesn’t mean you go there if it’s clogged.

            These problems at start of game weren’t seen in our scrimmages as a problem so where do you get off with blaming any coach for a nervous player start?

            And the strength of their defense was from the sides.

  25. peacedog

    Senator. . .

    “On the other hand, the defense clearly looked gassed by the end of the first half because the offense did so little to keep the D off the field. The pass rush was almost non-existent. But Boise had little success running the ball up the middle. Call it mixed results. I expect more from one of the highest paid coordinators in the game, though.”

    The Time of possession in the first half was close, as was the # of run plays. If the Defense was that gassed- and don’t forget the emergency TO 3 minutes into the 3rd quarter when the D looked like it was about to collapse from exhaustion – we’re in for a very long year. There is no getting around this, and it has nothing to do with the offense’s gameplan (ineptness in planning an execution thereof). After a half of football, a long break, and 3 minutes in the second half the D looked likt was going to fall over on the next play. Maybe the S&C changes forgot the C?

    • GreenDawg

      If it did forget the C then I’m not sure what they did all summer, because I didn’t see much S out there either.

    • Yeah, that 3rd quarter time out was a doozy, wasn’t it? Although I couldn’t tell from where I was sitting whether it was due to exhaustion or simply not having the time to make adjustments in the coverage to the open spots BSU was finding/creating during that no-huddle blitzkrieg.

      • Big Shock

        Think that they called the timeout to get a lineman off the field so they didn’t have 12 out there.

        • Ausdawg85

          Yep. Run off that field dammit! Just BS to be slow jogging in the face of a hurry-up O. You didn’t see that on the other side of the field.

          • Texas Baller

            Slow jog? When you’ve had your ass beat, your over-weight and under conditioned you’re lucky to be able to “jog” off the field. For all those that have called for S&C overhaul, is this it? Really?

          • gadawggood

            Our players were running off the field about as fast as anyone does. bSU was very quick up the line and the refs were spotting the ball quick; maybe too quick; the kind of thing that makes other teams fake injuries or gripe at the officials

            • Texas Baller

              My dilusional UGA brother – like most not wanting to belive reality, our boys were gassed and looking for the cafeterias. Here’s an exampe of how our competition percevied us:
              “We were a little more in shape than they were, so our hurry-up offense really had an effect,”

              — Boise State running back Doug Martin

              LITTLE is the understatement of the year in this case.

  26. Skeeter

    I just felt bad for the Boise State fans that they had to watch that poor game play and then add insult to injury by having to spend a night in Atlanta.

    • The ones I saw after the game didn’t look too unhappy about it.

    • Spence

      I guess I won’t speak on behalf or all the Atlanta residents that are UGA fans, but being one I won’t hesitate to tell you to enjoy your trip back to Braselton and don’t bother coming back. Have fun eating at Sonic.

      • No One Knows You're a Dawg

        Now, now. Let’s not drag the Braseltons into this. They’re nice people.

        But I do share your annoyance with the knee-jerk anti Atlanta attitude of some people. Hey folks, your little town is just as corrupt, the only difference is the people there are too afraid of the local Boss Hogg to speak up.

    • Truth.

      Atlanta may be the suckiest city in the country. What a hole. Even just having to drive through it is enough to ruin a trip.

  27. leodub

    Last paragraph perfectly sums up my reaction and feeling. There were a couple flashes of good, but overall looked like an army of discombobulation dressed up in headless chicken costumes. groundhog day. Sigh.

  28. Comin' Down The Track

    Hey, but at least, I got the ride that I was hoping for and didn’t have to stand in that two hour wait for MARTA to get me back to my car. I managed to get some food in Buckhead, and still made it back to Athens by three.
    They can’t take that away from me, right? Right?!

  29. Ausdawg85

    Spot on as usual Senator. Uni’s & shoes a distracting disgrace. Bobo called what HE wanted not what they were giving. IC had speed to the outside, but we don’t even have the Ross sweep in the playbook anymore. No excuses on D. If they get 3 and outs they won’t be gassed.

    And it was the fans that shamed CMR into going for 4th & 2 after the penalty. He was punting and got booed. That was the sign for me that he’s really lost control. Sure the next play worked spectacularly, but from desperation not inspiration. BIG difference.

    I’ve tried to keep defending Richt, and don’t like the “available” options, but no more. Geez, Urban sure looks good right now.

    Our program is spoiled by money, history and fan support. But like the petulant rich kid, everything is expected to be given not earned. CMR can not fix this from within. It will take new blood and several years to cycle through this mess.

    P.S. Is it too much for the Dome to show scores of other games, better replays, better sound system to hear the refs, etc? Terrible fan experience IMHO.

  30. 69Dawg

    Well we will get to find out if Moore was great or our D made it look like he was. If Steven Garcia completes 80% against us next week then we have met the enemy and they are us.

  31. Bulldog Joe

    Six. sacks. to. zero.

    • Cojones

      Correct, sir. Because both lines got beat, but the D line suffered most of all. I was appalled at the D tackling with a resultant of more YAC and YAT yds gained than open field running (or so it seemed). Fans on here are hitting Bobo’s game-calling the same as they always have, without any mitigating circumstances towards player’s quality of play. For that reason I choose to ignore anti-coach Sunday morning quarterbacking. Some of you sound like little dogs fighting for scraps.

      The Senator had a spot on report that matched what I saw, except his was by omission of calling individual players out. I agree with that and one should look closely at those players he had positive comments about. The omitted players would take all day Sunday to intone in to-to. But it was their lack of play-making that hurt us to the quick.

      My wrath is reserved for Grantham, who has emphasized that individual players have to learn how to tackle and after all that good verbal rah-rah fails to produce the product. No one seemed to be able to wrap up. Yes, their unsung runners were twisting and bouncing off Georgia(?) tacklers(?) like they had been schooled to run, but only because there was no wrapup. Saying that they wanted it more is inaccurate. They were prepared to give more on each run than we were willing to take them to the ground after contact. Shame on our players for allowing many first downs that were preventable. That is what made them remain on the field, not Bobo’s coaching.

      Boise was as advertised. We were not.

      Next game!! Dammit!

  32. Will Trane

    Strenght and conditioning:
    We maybe better there. Hard to see a major difference from S&C program and the nutrition program changes against a team like Boise on defense side of the ball. My complaint. Why did we have players with cramps and Boise did not. My thouhgt. Apparently the players do not stretch and they do not hydrate properly during the week prior to a game. S&C, trainers, and nutritionists need to find out why and the old HOC needs to get this resolved.

    Offense: Boise’s and not ours. We do not have one. Teams that run the spread and run “plays” rather than a system [I formation and man blocking] will put points on the board and sit your red zone most ot the time. Not on time, let me repeat that, not one time did we get in their red zone. The interception by Murray was because Crowell allowed Boise D to come off the edge [they did that all night] with no block [remember Arkansas last year..wake up McClendon]. Then on 4th down with Samuel and again they come off the edge and make the tackle in the backfied because the receiver released off and did not make the block. You have a young talented RB with good skills and you do not use him in that latter situation even with using a 2 TE set…both set to the same side and create more gaps for them to defend.

    Offense: Boise’s. We do not have one [and have not had one for 4 years]. They score the going ahead TD with less than a minute to go in the first half. That hurt. Because you give them the opportunity to go by 14 after the half. That is what they did and that was the margin. But look at how Boise attacked us on the opening 2nd half drive. Did you notice how much vision Moore had on those pases. Watch their blocking scheme. The D line was cut down to give him clear passing lanes. Rarely did we block his vision and allowed open passing lanes for a spread offense…that allows your D to chase ever play…look at the tackle numbers by the LBs…even from a walk on. The D legs looked good due to rotation, but they were never in a place to make plays. They did create a turnover by INT. Moore does not give those up. He did that one because his vision was blocked and rushed.
    Hair: Too many helmets coming off with long hair. SEC football is not a fashion show. It is a serious game. Helmets have a purpose…safety. Cut the hair or expect a concussion. Saw the same issue on Friday night at a high school game. Got to stop this coaches or you are asking for a serious injury issue.

    Finally our offense. Boise is a program. Georgia is not even close. I have complained about Bobo even before Martinez was cut loose. I have always felt our offense is too slow, unproductive, and does not pressure opposing ds. Blocking and line push has simple disappeared in Athens. Now some of that is the type of linemen that were recruited. They are too big and slow for a “pocket QB like Murray at.6′. With no running game that is what you are limted with because you can not roll this line out. Plus I do not see one of these guys along with a “FB” being pulled to move a QB out to the edge to create more gaps to play from. Bobo coaches in the past. Boise runs plays to create more gaps and lanes for yardage and for scoring changes. Boise ran 71 plays to our 60. Plug their 2nd half opening drive…14 point swing. Now look at how we killed ourselves with the inability to have sustained drives. Do not give me that bull about poor field position…you have three chanes to change that…they are called offense, defense, and special teams. Looked like every game we play last year. may have been some changes in Athens, but zero on the offensive side of the ball.
    Brandon Boykin…man you can play. 190 all purpose yards…most productive player on both sides. Tell me Brandon on the punt return and you were tackled at the 45+/- do you think you could have carried in if you had continued your outside break rather than coming back. Looked like you could have.

  33. DawgBiscuit

    So is Brandon Boykin now the greatest RB to ever play at UGA, with a career 80 ypc average and a 1:1 td/carry ratio? Where is JDawg to clarify this?

  34. Hogbody Spradlin

    Until next week, my main thought is that this wasn’t Colorado or Central Florida. We were underdogs and lost to one of the 2-3 best teams we’ll play all season. But we better learn to block quick.

  35. timphd

    I am a long term Dawg (since early 70’s) and have been a Richt supporter since he arrived, but now I am about done. On the positive side, Kellen Moore is the best QB they will face all season. Garcia is up next but he is not Moore. So getting burned by a guy who may win the Heisman can be understood. Here are the negatives that are frustrating me:
    1) Samuel can’t run and Crowell can’t block.
    2) So much for the improved S&C program. Our guys are cramping up in the second quarter (Boise did not have this problem) and they weren’t even outside in the humidity.
    3) Our offensive line couldn’t move a stroller off the line of scrimmage.
    4) So much for improvement in year 2 of the 3-4 defense: We still have defensive backs who don’t know their responsibilities as noted by pointing to each other as the receiver runs open, arm tackling is abundant, and we couldn’t pass rush at all. When will they learn how to cover a tight end or running back in a pass pattern?

    But the big thing is coaching. No one would argue that Boise is more talented than UGA. So therefore, if Boise beats UGA in game plan, in-game adjustments, and simple play calling, what does that say about the coaching staff? It is not a matter of talent, it is decisions and preparation. Two false starts in the first series. Taking the ball instead of deferring the opening kick. Players consistently making the wrong blocks (like Charles on the 4th down play) or out of position on defense. Continually trying to run up the middle when it is so obvious your o line can’t move the d line off the ball. Look at Petersen’s decisions and tell me that they weren’t a better prepared, better coached team.

    Of course, I am stupid and I will watch them next week in the futile hope they can’t beat Sakerlina. I can’t only hope the stupid version of Garcia shows up.

    • Merk

      Eh…all we can hope for is 1 of 2 things.

      1) We lose like bitches the rest of the year and Richt gets fired. Then we hire a decent coach who has the Dream Team players for a few years to crutch on until they can get set up.

      2) This was the one game a year piss yourselves game we have had every year when we did good.

  36. Dawg Nation

    DawgFaithful, you are a serious idiot.

  37. Big Dawg 2011

    Look why in the HELL!!! do Georgia feel like they have to have gimmicky ass uniforms for big games???? why. You don’t see Bama doing this they just beat your ass down with well coached talent. Changing uniforms on a team or black out games is not going to make you play better or psych out the other team but more than likely piss them off! Georgia please jut get back to good ole dawg football and bulldawg tradition. Stop talking so much about how we done changed and got better and just get out there and play your asses off!!

    • Merk

      We got paid to wear them. It is not a gimmick when a company gives you money to wear their special unis. Now the Black Outs and the Grambling crap was all UGA hype.

      Just like the Grambling Unis we can take promise from the fact that less people will recognize us since we did nothing except crap on the UGA brand.

      • Chopdawg

        Maybe not a gimmick, but a sellout. Why do we need Nike’s money? We get thousands of dollars from tens of thousands of loyal Sanford Stadium fans every year.

    • Smith

      I agree. Stick with the traditional Georgia uniforms and focus on playing football. I thought we looked like a bunch of red hots running around. The uniforms made it difficult to watch, and the fact that we played poorly on top of the hidious uniforms made the night even more of an embarrassment for bulldog fans. I wished that Larry was still on the radio so I could hear him describe the uniforms, that would have been priceless and maybe would have made saturday night a little more bearable.

  38. Cojones

    Continuing with players: Aaron seemed to never get into rhythm because he didn’t. The line didn’t help him much, but he didn’t seem to be prepared to run either. The quality of Boise’s D line was better than the quality of our O line. No half-time coaching could help it. Big football play to me was Figgin’s block to spring Boykin. That is what we had come to expect with Georgia football.

    The D line push , helped by Jenkens and Geathers, just didn’t happen. The corner rushes were blocked quite well and effectively. The circuitous route attempted by them to get to Moore was almost like Boise had scripted it. And the reports of his quick release taking about 3 seconds can now be amended to 2 seconds or less. Some were to spots 5yds ahead of the player and located right behind D line. Never observed many hands in the air to obscure his sight or to deflect the ball.

    Releasing frustration against our team should be mitigated by congratulations to Boise for a fine and diciplined game. It gauls me to say so, but many of the fashion police were correct. The full red uniform and shoes seemed to blend into the shadows and made me think of NC St. It just didn’t inspire when the long camera shots from above made them look like they were wearing jammy bottoms. We looked and played like shit. If we can’t wrap up tackles any better next week in Athens then it may be sameole sameold.

    NRBQ, you got your wish on the coin toss so I guess we won’t hold Richt responsible for that one any longer, will we. Don’t think the first series can be diagreed with except of course with Crowell slipping down and Anderson moving twice, it put a helluva lot of strain on starting correctly. Can we say that the players are responsible for that along with a great deal more? Hope so.

  39. junkyardwag41


    I agree with most of the observations. Bobo’s play calling was bizarre and as so many have pointed out, Murray under center produced better results than Murray in the shotgun. Murray’s lack of a QB keeper on the read option really reduces the play to just a shotgun sweep/draw. Crowell looked ok. He is a freshman. He is still trying to do the HS thing and outrun everyone on the edge… which didn’t happen. Injuries not withstanding I think Grantham did a pretty lousy job. Not so much in the calling of the game, although it was not great, but his substitution philosophy was bizarre. three players in and three out during BSU’s hurry up had players confused and not ready to stop BSU offense…. also, as pointed out, why the lack of blitzing? All in all, a lack luster disappointing effort…. and for all of you who are supporting Booboo right now, I am just confused.

  40. Cojones

    Injury to Ogletree and Gates can account for a measurable amount of disappointment in play. Hope they will be back with us soon. For most of the 1st qtr it appeared as if we were the team awed by the Dome. Not so Boise(and they left 3 good players home). Many UGA players were more nervous than a Yankee in a bar full of drunken rednecks. Well, it’s over. The players and coaches still are our team. They will remain so , win or lose.

    On to next week and the F’ing Chickens.

  41. Go Dawgs!

    I love Atlanta, but at no point was yesterday’s visit enjoyable. I don’t enjoy the Georgia Dome atmosphere for a college game because the tailgating opportunities are lacking. So, you make do in the bars. MARTA wasn’t bas on the way in to town, but getting back out of the Dome was awful. I have never understood why MARTA refuses to increase capacity on nights when 70,000 potential customers are right by one of the stops. Anyway, between the Dome, two football teams dressed out for Dragon*Con, a seeming total lack of preparation and what looked to be an attempt to completely revamp the offense to move away from the pro-style I to an ineffective spread… aside from familiar music, yesterday felt nothing like a Georgia game.

    I love Mark Richt, but I am sick of defending these kinds of disasters. I will be in my seat Saturday, and I will always love and support my Dawgs (and I will NEVER boo them. EVER). I am sad to say, though, that I no longer have faith that this staff will turn things around. I knew Boise was good, and I knew it was possible to lose. But Georgia looked ill-prepared and uninspired. There was no discernable plan. The effort I saw last night was unacceptable. Any SEC wins we get outside of Kentucky and Vandy will be upsets. If that truly is the team we have this year, I saw few reasons for hope.

    • Go Dawgs!

      My breaking point was when we drove past midfield in the I by attacking with the tight ends, and then in plus territory, went right back to the shotgun spread set which promptly stalled. One team refused to keep doing what worked. One team kept on running the same stuff right down the field. Guess which team won? The one with the huge farmboy tight end that Georgia didn’t bother to cover.

  42. Mountain Dawg

    It is only one game and we still have the conference schedule in front of us. Losing last night was in and of itself not a disaster. The frustrating part is that I saw nothing last night to indicate that this long nightmare of mediocrity is any closer to being corrected. We received an old fashion butt kicking by a slower, smaller, less talented team. At some point, CMR, you have to win some games. No more excuses. Beat the teams we are suppose to, occasionally beat some teams that we are not suppose to. Win some games or go somewhere else.

  43. cousineddie

    ■Early impression of the new S&C regime?
    “We were a little more in shape than they were, so our hurry-up offense really had an effect,”
    — Boise State running back Doug Martin

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  45. Merk

    I am not for the whole FIRE RICHT thing, but it really pisses me off to watch all the higher up SEC teams play. They get pass rushes from the DEs and DTs. Hell LSU had a damn DE that was running down Oregon’s RB when he ran to the other side of the field. Our DL sucks. Big John was a waste, Geathers looked better because our OL got crappier during the off season. The DEs were crap.

    The stupidest part of the whole game was that the freaking Freshmen from the Dream Team all looked better then the players they replaced. Either due to injury or lack of depth to begin with. In fact the only new player we got that sucked it up was Jenkins.

    Also please show “Bean” the bench. If you cannot handle the snap count you cant play. I’m sorry. He is a senior that means that we are not getting him experience for next year. Thus at least let a Freshman be the reason Murray gets sacked or we lose 5 yards, not some senior who is playing only because “he knows the system”.

    S&C my a$$. The lines blew and looked weak still. All that conditioning we did was worthless.

    Also @Boykin I DARE you to actually have the other players on D not named Jarvis show up.

  46. Merk

    Boise ownt us. Their OC and DC did exactly what they needed to do. On D they played coverage and let our crappy OL and running game stop itself. This led to Murray looking for receivers and the crap OL let the front 5 of boise get in as they wanted to.
    On O they were ready with screens and quick dumps to counter our pass rush. That they did. When the rush came a screen was dumped off or a short open route was hit. The 2 times Grantham went all in on the Blitz Moore went 0/2 with an int.

    Also our coaches suck. I have high doubts that it will get better. Garcia may suck compared to Moore, but Jefferies will own our secondary and when we go to coverage Lattimore will march it again. Coastal Carolina will be a nice breather after we are ready to shoot all the coaches out behind the stadium. Hopefully by then the coaches will put in the freshmen to get them 2 games exp before Miss St.