Close, but no cee-gar.

Maybe this is a sign of a talented team that’s lost a little of its competitive edge:

Eighteen of Georgia’s 30 losses since 2003 have been decided by seven points or less. Georgia’s 60 percent is the highest percentage of close losses in the SEC.

Call it Drilled by the Finish.


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3 responses to “Close, but no cee-gar.

  1. vincent

    I think last week was the epitome of a talented team that lost its edge to win. if we just take care of the ball we beat the #12 team by 18 points (21 pts of to – 3 pt differential) or how’s this: we could have won 9 games in 09 & 10 if we just finished games we were in position to win. 09 Uk and lsu 10 ark colorado and uf


  2. Brandon

    I call it defense sucks balls


  3. Defense & Conditioning did the Dawgs In.